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  1. Anybody else thinking about cancelling if their build estimate is 2022?

    Bruh, hired drivers on scripted trails isn’t real. If you’re in the blind faith group no matter how many years you have to wait, then good for you. Props. But I’m not OCD like that. I’m not stuck on an obsession. After a few convos, I need a date. After a few dates, I need to...
  2. Anybody else thinking about cancelling if their build estimate is 2022?

    Nobody is sure. We’re all rolling the dice right now. But if I have to wait anyways, then gathering more real world info and weighing alternatives only makes sense.
  3. Anybody else thinking about cancelling if their build estimate is 2022?

    I’m thinking that if I have to wait that long, I might as well reset. Read some real-world reviews; wait to see what unforeseen negatives present; see how crazy gas prices get; get in one and take my own test drive; see how Jeep and other manufacturers respond... Right now I really want the...
  4. Rear view

    Really don’t need a rear view mirror, though. You can see everything you need to using the side mirrors. I’m not one to tell somebody how to spend their dough. But it isn’t a necessity.
  5. How to Fit 35” or 37” Tires on 2021 Bronco? 4WP Explains

    Good stuff. This is why having those removable fenders and quarter panels are going to be clutch. I’m sure there will be after market options for upsizing the tires.
  6. White top with white fenders?

    Only from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

    2-door Basesquatch 2.7, that’s how I’m rolling.
  8. RTR Bronco

    It’s becoming clearer by the day for me that fender-deletes are the way to go.
  9. Im a little disappointed, after see the Bronco in person

    That’s it, I’m canceling.
  10. 20 minutes of raw Bronco video clips driving offroad

    Good stuff. Props to all the Area 51ers, I’m jealous. Props to all the soccer moms that will be driving the 4-door. And props to all the soccer players that have have 2 moms.
  11. Bronco pair in Fargo, North Dakota

    Man... that Area 51 really is a beautiful color. Jealous of all of you that are getting it. Not offered in the base, unfortunately.
  12. Hello!!!

    If we have the Sasquatch package, will we need a lift to fit 37s?
  13. How many people are going to see this to the end?

    If you were smart, all of you would cancel. Ford takes you guys for granted. The only way to effect change is through drastic action. Do it. Cancel!
  14. Dealer Change

    Pretty sure you missed the cutoff to change dealers. But if you’re waiting until 2022 anyways, I would think that you could cancel and reorder elsewhere.
  15. How many people are going to see this to the end?

    If I get bumped to MY22 I might cancel and reorder a different trim. Currently a Base, but might just stock away more cash and go Badlands.
  16. 2 door spotted in the wild

    2-door really is where it’s at, though.
  17. Questions from a Newbie

    Get a 2-door and take out the rear seats. Leave the kids home with their mom. They ruin all the fun. Leave your dad mindset at home too. Get an exhaust profile upgrade so that the noise is other people’s problems. Use the extra space in the back to add a boomin system. Drop the 50k and...
  18. 2 door spotted in the wild

  19. Changing Order 2-Door to 4-Door

    Stay with the 2-door. Looks so much better.