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  1. 18 days of May left...

    I was hoping it was signature lighting
  2. 18 days of May left...

    Hopefully by the end of May the light at the end of the tunnel will start getting bigger
  3. Why is 2.7L tow capacity limited to 3500 lbs?

    I suspect the low tow capacity is directly related to the suspension. If memory serves me correctly the towing capacity for a Raptor is much less than a regular F150 because of the suspension...a soft, flexible suspension = less towing capability.
  4. Accessories, ship to home or dealer?

    If your accessories where ordered through the B&P and included with your deal the dealer most likely will not get a cut. I believe the only way they will get a cut is if you order the items directly through the dealer. AFAIK Ford will reimburse the dealer for installation of items that were...
  5. How many people are going to see this to the end?

    All in, no one likes a quitter.
  6. No Broncos scheduled this week.

    I suspect this will drag on until the end of the month.
  7. 4-Door Wildtrak With Graphics Decals Spotted in Chicago

    I'm not a big fan of the graphics but Iconic Silver w/ the black contrast is sweet.
  8. I Turned Down A Priority Build and Now I Regret It

    I would suspect your dad is proud of your unselfish decision.
  9. TRAIL TURN ASSIST IN ACTION on multiple Broncos

    Yes, available w/ the auto box
  10. TRAIL TURN ASSIST IN ACTION on multiple Broncos

    Available all models but requires the auto box. Comes standard on OB, WT and FE
  11. Future Bronco Purchase Regrets

    Man has to do what a man has to do. Just curious, what model are you canceling?
  12. 3rd time’s a charm? 4/29 emails....who’s ready?

    My dealer was allocated 29 and they have 5 builds confirmed as of last Thursday. I'm #6 in line w/ an early 7/14 reservation...maybe today, maybe not
  13. I'm out - doesn't fit my needs

    Certainly not the truck for everyone...No shame in having your priorities straight.
  14. Information Overload. Please help me understand preview to build date info

    2dr, Lux and towing sins could delay your build but with the early timestamp I'd guess maybe August if no other commodity constraints.
  15. First Edition Sadness Thread

    Am I the only one who didn't take the "timestamp" theory straight to heart from the beginning? There are way too many variables for a true chronological minute by minute order of production based on timestamp no matter what model. I have a very early 7/14 reservation and still awaiting my...
  16. Offsets question

    No, they are not zero offset. Search is your friend, numerous threads out there on wheel offsets.
  17. Thinking out loud 21 vs 22

    FWIW, I suspect day one, two and three reservation holders will have their Bronco by late August.
  18. 4/22 Email Group!

    Congrats all. Seems timestamps are being followed more than last week.
  19. Compared to a Defender - some general thoughts and concerns.

    I am a fan of the old Defender however LR totally missed the mark on the new Defender in many areas...uni-body, no removeable top, no manual tranny, etc...c'mon man! Comparing it to the Bronco is not apples to apples. Choosing the Bronco over the new Defender was an easy choice for me.
  20. 4/20 Email Received

    Interesting, everyone is expecting Thursday emails. Congrats!