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  1. 2011-2021 Ford Vehicle Pedal Commander PC18 Bluetooth Throttle Response Controller Confirmed For 2021+ Bronco They already got it up on the website it looks like!
  2. How to Fit 35” or 37” Tires on 2021 Bronco? 4WP Explains

    No I get where you are coming from! I mean I really considered the squatch but just couldnt get past the tires of wheels when I was going to replace them. I already got my Nitto Trail grapplers in the garage with the fuel wheels. Thats what i wanted in the first place. I mean they are offering...
  3. How to Fit 35” or 37” Tires on 2021 Bronco? 4WP Explains

    ahhh i gotcha! yeah thats true. I mean if you have a base or BD and arent upgrading to squatch would be worth it to get those from someone else not using it
  4. How to Fit 35” or 37” Tires on 2021 Bronco? 4WP Explains

    thats true, but you wont get tons of money from the parts I feel like personally. I mean right now with part demands you may get good money out of them and sell them to another Bronco customer who would like the upgraded suspension but I feel like it would be pretty hard to sell. Idk maybe its...
  5. How to Fit 35” or 37” Tires on 2021 Bronco? 4WP Explains

    yes you do! so if you want to go sasquatch you can make things a little easier so you get it standard but at the same time you will basically be wasting your money because you will be replacing the suspension, wheels and tires. Better to just get standard badlands and spend money through 4WP or...
  6. trade in values exploding

    Yeah for sure it will be sad to let the truck go. To be honest its because its the bronco for the most part and I've always wanted a vehicle that could be more capable of doing off-roading. I've came close to buying a Jeep at one time but couldn't afford it and then a year or so later here comes...
  7. trade in values exploding

    I'm planning to do that too! Sell private party. I have a 2019 Ranger Lariat and I paid $36k and plan to sell for $40k. Not a bad money maker haha. Heres what my rig looks like right now
  8. Stage 3 Motorsports Official Introduction

    When will your aftermarket accessories be available to purchase?
  9. Bronco King Shocks 2.5 are available

    yeah thats what i was noticing online looking at fox. They are freaking sweet like i said but look really complicated to install or even work with.
  10. Bronco King Shocks 2.5 are available

    to be honest I figured you could hook them up the same way the other shocks but I guess that's not the case. Sounds like its a more complicated system then I thought
  11. Bronco King Shocks 2.5 are available

    And I’m guessing same goes for Sasquatch because the badlands suspension and Sasquatch are the same except Sasquatch just has a 0.5 higher lift right?
  12. Bronco King Shocks 2.5 are available

    So correct me if I’m wrong but like on the 4wp build you could adjust the coil overs for the ride height you wanted for a 2.5-3 inch lift. Is that how the kings will be too? Are the Bilsteins that way too?
  13. Newest Accessories Catalog For 2021 Bronco

    That suspension lift from Ford performance looks like Trash lol! If i get my lift I am going Aftermarket to Fox or King for sure! Way better products
  14. Bronco King Shocks 2.5 are available

    i'm waiting for the fox racing shocks to come out. If they are using the same shocks on the new Raptor for the Warthog i may wait for those instead. I believe those are the live valve shocks which are super sweet but also very expensive
  15. 41% in WBDO orders are not buildable. Build estimate email after May 11th ?

    my dealer just told me the other day that ford planned to build for MY21 60% hard top and %40 soft top. They are currently sitting at for all order 97% hardtop and 3% soft top. Since they arent offering the black painted hard top everyone switched to the MIC top. He told me this doesnt mean you...
  16. Which aftermarket wheels for a 4 door shadow black badlands

    you better get to your local tire shop to get those because Nitto tires are super hard to find right now for the ridge and trail grapplers. My local discount tire store had to pull 35" Nitto trail grapplers from multiple stores outside the state and he said there is very limited supply.
  17. Goodyear Territory MT Review (Sasquatch tire)

    I already bought my nitros last week 😂
  18. April Commodity Constraints For 2021 Bronco Production

    I'm guessing this is going to change once the second wave of orders comes in. Hopefully the V6 engine wont be as big as a problem when the next wave comes because thats where im most likely going to be.
  19. I'm a June Build!! - UPDATE - Received my VIN # today!

    It’s because LHM doesn’t care about anyone. All they care about is the numbers and money. That’s my local dealer too and I refuse to use them because they don’t communicate and just think of you as a number. No care and no love when there should be.
  20. Weird info from ordering my wheels and tires

    Good news is I called back and told them i wanted the 17x9 wheels with a +1 offset instead for the fuel covert and they let me know that they would fit no problem.