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  1. Bronco Raptor / Warthog Grille Design & Part Number Revealed (8200E)

    I believe this just a easily be a Ford Performance part too to give people their own personal look to their Bronco possibly.
  2. Bronco Demo available to see in Moline,IL

    Trim is a Big Bend with 2.7L auto and sasquatch package in Area 51.
  3. Bronco Demo available to see in Moline,IL

    I got a text today that a new Bronco would be showing tomorrow June 2 from 9am to 2:30pm at Sexton Ford in Moline IL for anybody wanting to see one in person. Just wanted to pass on some info. I can post up of pic in the morning when I get there so you can see what trim level it is.
  4. May 27 Email Group!

    Congratulations to people who got emails. I did not.
  5. Official 2021 BRONCO SCHEDULING UPDATE + June Production Demand vs Capacity [Commodity / Constraints] Chart

    -64 doesn't seem that bad compared to others numbers. A day 2 reservation I am hopeful this Friday.
  6. Official 2021 BRONCO SCHEDULING UPDATE + June Production Demand vs Capacity [Commodity / Constraints] Chart

    Thanks, makes sense. I wonder if the back portion of the hardtop are actually the same on the 2 and 4 doors?
  7. Official 2021 BRONCO SCHEDULING UPDATE + June Production Demand vs Capacity [Commodity / Constraints] Chart

    What with the blank on the 2 door hard top? Are the 2 door mold in color hard tops figured in with the 4 door versions?
  8. Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) will skip Summer shutdown

    This is exactly the way it is for us at John Deere
  9. Newer MIC top has slightly darker look

    I wonder if this is why they're having shortage problems with hard tops. The vendor had to make a change in tooling. I wonder if there is anything else noticeably different now? I for one think this a very positive change, especially if the color matches on the fender flares. Looks smoother also.
  10. Soft top vs Hard top (side by side) Badlands

    I noticed the exact same thing
  11. POLL: what powertrain are you choosing at order time?

    2.7 for morer fastering Auto because its better for gnarly uphill climbing
  12. Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    That's very cool your salesman took the time to take pics and send them to you.
  13. Official Wallpapers and Video: Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept

    Just today I noticed the wheel openings are different from any I have seen. They're kind half octagon shape versus the round stock ones. Maybe that means they will offer "aftermarket OEM" fenders for custom looks but Ford has shown custom parts that they will not offer. Not sure if I prefer one...
  14. You wanted interior photos? Grab your sunglasses

    Let the hatred flow through you Bronco6G
  15. So the dash is grey now?

    Agreed. Man that red dash on a Rubicon I built was very strange choice in my opinion. The grey dash I don't think looks terrible but prefer the dash on the base model.
  16. POLL: Are You Ready To Order?

    Your dealer is taking liquid money?!?!?! Mine only takes paper and virtual money. Post some pics of this liquid money, I wanna see it. HAHAHAHA
  17. Fender Hooks Delete

    The front end I believe is an Oldsmobile Alero HAHAHAHAHA
  18. Fender Hooks Delete

    Just found @ZachDanger 's Project he completed from 2016. After a little paint you won't even be able to tell it wasn't OEM. SEMA prize winner for fit and finish surely.