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  1. VIDEO: First Drive in the Bronco

    Ooooooops :ROFLMAO: not like he said anything new.
  2. 7 speed grinding in action at Off Rodeo

    i didnt really hear anything in the video, maybe i just missed it with all the other noise going on. but I wouldnt be surprised if that clutch was shot. 1) how many different people are driving it a day? 2) it can sometimes be difficult to find the gears in a vehicle you arent used to and 3) how...
  3. Well I did it. 99'd my 7/13 reservation

    Idk, I live in Massachusetts and don't have a garage so mine will be sitting in the snow anyway. I totally don't understand your reasoning but thank you for taking yourself out of the 2021 order requests.
  4. 2 Broncos spotted in Lincoln, RI this morning. Size comparison to F-150 Raptor

    No I think the closest ones to Franklin were Tasca and then one in Needham, another in quincy. There were more events on the Northshore too
  5. 🍍 Pineapple For Scale

  6. Northeast Bronco Off Roadeo may be in Portland, Maine according to job listing

    I agree, I'll take the drive up to Maine but VT was convenient due to proximity to our family ski place.
  7. Broncos scheduling this week 5/20

    I have a feeling they probably will, they have spent a decent amount of time with Loren Healy after KOH. They also said they had an early reservation and were talking about builds in January when the rest of us were looking at getting our orders in. I think its totally worth Ford getting them...
  8. Lease vs. Purchase?

    yeah my understanding is that it only makes sense to lease if you like to get a new car every 3 years, and roll one lease into another. so for the OP if they plan on upgrading at the end of the lease then it may make sense. but i have always been told that in the long run it costs you more if...
  9. What exactly is the benefit to choosing to wait for MY22?

    yeah i wont be so disappointed if im pushed to '22, i get to save more money and hopefully get to order this green 🥰
  10. Bronco Owner Stereotypes TBD

    I still remember my pink power wheels jeep that I used to drive around the cul-de-sac up into the island "off roading" when I was probably about 4-5 in the early 90's. I've wanted something similar ever since :giggle:
  11. Decals on the Rapid Red Bronco First Edition + 2 door Wildtrak at MAP

    I'm happy with the WT interior also
  12. 💚 [Update: EVERGLADES GREEN confirmed by Levine?] Ford teases green color for 2022 Bronco

    Well if I get pushed to '22 I'd be interested in this green
  13. Interior Bike Rack

    with the front tire off like the images of the bronco sport, yes my bike can fit standing up in the civic hatchback like those images. Only one but I never claimed to have the space of the sport only that your argument that the full size Bronco couldn't do that wouldn't be true. not sure why...
  14. Interior Bike Rack

    Maybe they just haven't thought it would be something that full size Bronco buyers would want, I was planning on getting a bike rack that attaches to the mountings for the spare tire. I could see Yakima coming out with something for the big Bronco
  15. Interior Bike Rack

    Hmm not sure how large you think a bike is, but If my fat bike can fit in my civic hatchback i would think it should fit in a full size Bronco.
  16. Tube steps on the Wildtrack

    if he's actually in Saudi arabia like his account says there's probably some weird back channel stuff going on....
  17. Vermont Off-Rodeo May Be Coming to Suicide Six Ski Area [Update: Nixed by Local Residents]

    its still on the Bronco off rodeo site and they also had a notice that sign up is April 27th. so i guess we will see what happens when sign up goes live. i would be surprised if that was their only location in VT that they were trying to get approved. i would be bummed if they didnt have any...