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  1. List of New England dealer events?

    I have an a51 bronco sport in my loaner fleet. I should have a cactus gray ranger in a couple of weeks.
  2. List of New England dealer events?

    @ilbastarge your guess is as good as mine. I was prepared to drive to stamford, but it's all booked up.
  3. Massbronco

    New England Broncos

    @Used2jeep kate is her name, but we call her the bronco queen
  4. Massbronco

    New England Broncos

  5. Massbronco

    New England Broncos

    @Used2jeep no idea! after putting in customer orders all day yesterday, I went home cracked a cold one and spent almost 2 hours contemplating squatch vs no squatch on my own badlands order. I went no squatch and I still feel like i made a mistake.
  6. Massbronco

    New England Broncos

    sorry for the delay @Arkeisios . We had a busy week punching in Bronco orders. I don't have any word on any demos coming to our area. I know that our FCTP (demo) unit is getting built in the 2nd week of May. It'll be a 4 door badlands, high package, cyber orange, MIC, 2.3 auto, no squatch.
  7. Front license plate mount location closeup pic

    i hope they don't come installed from the plant. Usually the dealer installs them, but on the Mach E that just arrived at my dealership, it was already mounted.
  8. Massbronco

    New England Broncos

    @Rosco I did, but full disclosure I work there. I'm on here as an enthusiast first, but I'll PM you my work info if you want to chat.
  9. Massbronco

    New England Broncos

    @Arkeisios not sure. Will post back on this thread if I hear anything.
  10. Dealer just told me they wouldn't contact me until March to place my order

    One advantage of your dealer working the top of the list down is that they can tell you where you really stand in line based on the cancellations ahead of you.
  11. Massbronco

    New England Broncos

    Getting 1 FCTP unit at Acton Ford.
  12. Bronco Accessory Pack 1, 2A, 2B, 3A package info. FCTP Bronco service loaners will be fitted with one package

    FCTP has been around for years now . This isn't some new program they just rolled out for Bronco. It was probably always part of the plan, so its not like that production would have gone to building customer cars. My dealership has a Bronco Sport in the FCTP program. It has definitely helped...
  13. Massbronco

    New England Broncos

    Theres nothing like offroading in the southwest...very few trees to scratch that new paint.
  14. Anyone interested in getting together for a New England purchase at a single dealer?

    Thanks @Six Miles South. Yes we have A51 and Cactus Gray bronco sports here at Acton Ford. The cactus gray is leaving on Friday afternoon, but I have another one that should arrive right behind it.
  15. Breaking news: January ordering, Summer delivery, Black First Edition interior, no manual Sasquatch & more

    A global company with a global supply chain operating during a global pandemic. I'm not surprised and I'm glad they told us.
  16. Bronco Sport Lease Calculator way off

    I wouldn't expect a great lease on the Bronco. With demand so high, I don't see why Ford would take the risk of leasing when they can just sell them and let the customer take the residual risk. They did this with the ranger at launch. It had a high residual value, but a super high money factor...
  17. Iconic Silver Paint Thread

    Although I'm not ordering this color, I do have to say it is the most underrated color in the ford line up. The more you see it, the more it grows on you. Looks grayish on a dark day and silver on a light day. Also looks great with black accents like a painted black roof...
  18. Massbronco

    New England Broncos

    Soon! Will be arriving in december, hopefully before ordering begins.
  19. Bowen’s Garage CT invoice pricing

    Saying the question should be asked if a dealer that size, in a market of that size, anticipates earning the allocation to support 20 bronco orders + their existing reservations. I'm referring to the method discussed in this thread. I'm not sure how accurate the interpretation is within the...