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  1. Stock Bronco 4-Door Lands a Podium Finish at NORRA MEXICAN 1000 RALLY in BAJA, Putting Built Wild Durability to the Test

    Probably because the 33 inch tires cause less strain on the suspension; they are lighter and smaller, which makes for less part-breaking leverage.
  2. Power output of the 2.3 with some bolt ons and a tune

    Check this out: It's cheaper than the ford performance tuner and comes with different maps for 87 - 93 octane. Sounds like you can get some pretty impressive gains when compared to the ford performance tune!
  3. Your Build: Pre and Post B&P

    Doors and Trim: 4 Door Warthog Color: Cyber Orange Engine and Transmission: 5.2L Supercharged V8, 7 speed Manual Roof: Body Color Modular Sasquatch: No Packages: Lux Interior: Marine Grade Vinyl Options: Towing Package DIO: Ford Performance tune, 800hp
  4. Testing Testing. Ford Bronco Warthog Teased in Prototype Testing Image

    Doesn't look very a-ford-able... ok sorry that was really bad.
  5. 6th Gen Bronco design praised by renowned car designer Frank Stephenson

    I think he was looking at a different image than was shown onscreen. He was looking at the real bronco but the editors messed it up and put a picture of a bronco sport instead. He's probably looking at the ford site on the iPad but it was the editors who put the pictures onscreen
  6. Build and Price is live (for 2021 F-150)

    It's open for bronco sport now, bronco build and price is close.
  7. 2 door Bronco and new options added to Interactive Garage builder

    Lord forgive me for what I have done...
  8. Build & Price Configurator for 2021 Bronco Goes Live in August

    It depends on what kind of off-roading you're doing. If you want to do a lot of rock crawling, get the badlands with the 2.7 and Sasquatch cause it has sway bar disconnect and the "Rock" GOAT mode. If you aren't rock crawling, get the wildtrak.
  9. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Here's an example of with/without the Sasquatch package. It looks like they beefed up the frame or something in the rear.
  10. Sasquatch Package With Manual Transmission [Sign Petition For It!]

    Yes, Blacksquatch lives really do matter.
  11. Sasquatch Package With Manual Transmission [Sign Petition For It!]

    Everybody create new twitter accounts and reply at least 3 times if you really want the manual.
  12. Sasquatch Package With Manual Transmission [Sign Petition For It!]

    Technically a 94.748616 ratio but close enough ;)
  13. Sasquatch Package With Manual Transmission [Sign Petition For It!]

    Hopefully he's just trolling us. Although we would never be able to forgive him...
  14. Sasquatch Package With Manual Transmission [Sign Petition For It!]

    As is blacksquatch. I can't believe they did us like this.