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  1. Maisto Diecast 1/18 Scale Bronco Models - Sam's Club

    We lost our Sam's Club about 3 or so years ago, so I had to order online and they claim it shipped. I don't want to talk about what it cost though lol $18 in shipping to AK...typical.
  2. Anyone else feeling relaxed about their Bronco order?

    Yeah, just playing the waiting game. Vin and build week helped a lot. I think a lot of my calm feelings come from the fact I don't need the Bronco like some here (I feel for them). I could have multiple vehicles go down and still have vehicles to drive. I've kept the same build since order, very...
  3. 32’s vs 35’s vs 37’s mounted on Bronco Outer Banks with 4" lift

    Been saying that all my life.
  4. So what's our next carrot?

    Demos...definitely a big one! For me it's the build week of 7/26...
  5. Bronco Heritage Fender Badge Preview

    I missed it earlier but just filled it out now, Thanks!
  6. Bronco Mass Production - 6/10 Update. Good news from MAP - body shop output now matches Ranger

    This is super encouraging to hear! I like the positive feedback.
  7. Sacrifice made today to get my Bronco early..

    That's awesome that you got to see one in person! I doubt I'll get to see one before mine arrives. I couldn't justify not ordering exactly what I wanted. I knew if I changed anything I'd regret it later on. luckily I got a vin and build date even with almost every constraint item. I'm not sure...
  8. Bronco Heritage Fender Badge Preview

    I'd defiantly take a set of chrome!
  9. Nitto Recon Grappler A/T's

    Mine was a stock 2011 F-150 with 30k miles on it when I got them, I expected some noise increase, but since I swap tires half the year it was really noticeable right after swapping them sping/fall and just got worse as they wore. I've had mud tires (Cooper STT) that didn't howl as loud as the...
  10. Nitto Recon Grappler A/T's

    I doubt it as the ride was fine, no complaints there. Noise, terrible traction on every surface from day 1 was my experience with the Terra Grappler. I run 275/50R22 Blizzak dm-V1 in the winter and they are fantastic. The new Toyo AT3's are even load range E which is overkill for the F150 but im...
  11. Nitto Recon Grappler A/T's

    100% know that, my buddy that ownes the tire store I buy from says it to me every time I tell him I'll never buy another Nitto again. Can't tell you why but the toyo AT3 is a 150% better tire than the Terra Grappler. I'm a Cooper guy myself, but they didn't make a 33" A/T 22" tire either time I...
  12. Do you fit the Ford demographic?

    Nothing is leaving, just adding to the driveway. What goes in the garage is what I'm driving the next day (October to April) so that will rotate.
  13. Ford Maverick Pickup Revealed! Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price!

    With the death of the sedan and explosion of SUV/CUVs of every size, Chevy really has a crowded field, but Ford with the EcoSport, Escape, Bronco Sport, Edge, Explorer, Bronco, Expedition you have a pretty good amount of crossover sales between models. I don't see why this is an issue with...
  14. Nitto Recon Grappler A/T's

    Funny you mention the Toyos. After living through 5 summers of absolute hell with my Nitto Terra Grapplers on my F-150 I replaced them with Toyo AT3's and I'm on my second summer with them and could not be happier. Dry, Wet traction is good and even ice/snow is pretty good for a non-dedicated...
  15. Nitto Recon Grappler A/T's

    I had one set of Terra Grapplers that I could not wait to replace, one of the worst tires I've ever owned and I only ran them in the summer. Few times I got caught in snow/ice they were like racing slicks (from new). The G2 wasn't any better, lets hope they did something different with these.
  16. Ford Maverick Pickup Revealed! Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price!

    Would be the perfect shop truck w/AWD for our business to replace our very aged 4cyl '05 Ranger for small parts runs.
  17. Bronco Pickup Hinted by Sighting of Ford Testing a Jeep Gladiator?

    As a Regular cab Short bed F-150 owner who loves the truck I can attest. It doesn't get driven unless needed for a task because it doesn't have room for anything. Now I'm spoiled by my Super crew F-150 and SUV's so I get that. But there isn't a market for a 2 door truck IMO outside of very...