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  1. What did you order?

    2 door Wildtrak Cactus 🌵 Gray Mid Package MIC top Sandstone/Black Camo Seats Tube Steps Pretty simple build so hoping it gets picked up one of these days 🤞🏻😅
  2. How many Wildtrak orders have gotten their build dates and VINs?

    Not me...I’m at the back of the pack with my September reservation 😅
  3. Production started early?

    With my September reservation seeing this gives me something new to look foreword to 😊
  4. "live stream" camera in the MAP facility?

    I’d love that but until then we can invision our Bronco rolling down the assembly line by watching this as they are being made side by side 😎
  5. Anyone receive 6/10 email?

    With a September reservation I’m just sitting back and watching from afar 😅
  6. What # out of # are you in your dealer's allocation?

    Same here...I've asked that question along with others in email exchanges and they conveniently pass that question up. I do know that they told me in person that they didn't get that many reservations for them at my dealer so that's also why I'm curious as to where we are in line and the night I...
  7. Cargo area wheel well compartment in 2 door?

    Mystery solved! Thanks guys 🤓👍🏻
  8. Cargo area wheel well compartment in 2 door?

    Ah! Didn’t think about that 🧐
  9. Cargo area wheel well compartment in 2 door?

    I thought almost everything has been answered by now but I was comparing some pics and noticed that in one of the pics of the cargo area wheel well there’s a compartment but the other is covered with what looks like a speaker...anyone know which is the production version and which one the...
  10. 🎥: New 2021 Bronco Commercial Video Draws on History

    Loved every second 😎👊🏻
  11. TEXAS Bronco Event Schedule & Member Photos

    Here’s some pics for y’all! So stoked right now and loving the 2 door even more than I did this morning 😍 And the Bronco Rep there was SUPER AWESOME and nice and answered every question and was super excited for us getting a Wildtrak but if you haven’t seen a 2 door yet and you live here in...
  12. TEXAS Bronco Event Schedule & Member Photos

    My fellow Houstonians...especially those of y’all on the West side, AutoNation Ford Katy has a 2 door Cactus Gray Black Diamond with Sasquatch Package right now at the dealer...and I’m at work 😩😩😩
  13. Does your reservation picture or info on your account change after your build has been scheduled?

    Just wanting to know for those of y’all that have had their VINs issued if your pics or info on your account changed 🤓 I think I’ve given up hope that these things will update but just curious if anyone had noticed a change yet.
  14. 📸: MAP Bronco of the day - Race Red Badlands 2-Door + few others.

    Anything is better than nothing 😉👍🏻
  15. 📸: MAP Bronco of the day - Race Red Badlands 2-Door + few others.

    Any chance you're able to take some pics?
  16. 📸: MAP Bronco of the day - Race Red Badlands 2-Door + few others.

    Interesting 🤔 Makes me wonder if there’s a giant lot of Broncos, like we’ve seen with F-150s and Super Duty’s, waiting for hard tops and they’re throwing these on them while they wait to get them and install them to be sent off!
  17. Who has a 7/14 or later Wildtrak reservation and has received a build date?

    I got a long wait ahead of me with my 2 door Wildtrak...I think the only thing working in my favor is that we opted for the Mid Package with the sandstone/black camo cloth seats!
  18. June 2 Email Group!

    Forgot that...I’m living in 2 door world so thought all 4 doors had that option as we’ve seen tons of preproduction Wildtraks with soft tops as of late!
  19. June 2 Email Group!

    Wondering how many more Wildtraks will be getting scheduled before the first of August when they ramp up production 🤔