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  1. Anyone receive 6/10 email?

    I thought the first Thursday (6/3 ) was the FE’s then the next two Thursday’s were scheduled and the last Thursday of each month was clean up.
  2. Anyone receive 6/10 email?

    Has anyone received a vin today ?
  3. What is in the Tow Package - exactly

    Electronics in the box equals chips equals delay
  4. I ordered a Jeep today..

    Any gladiator priced the same as a lariat tremor is a base with nothing. NOTHING!!! Just like you my good sir!
  5. I would rather have a nonremovable roof.

    I would like just a one piece option like the old 4runner. I'm never taking it off and would prefer to not have the leaks bad seams
  6. Just me or has the Bronco hype hit a wall?

    Should look at MVIS
  7. Thank God Ford bit off more than they could chew

    Another thing. You can’t read the email from Ford and not laugh. Maybe they didn’t truly know how many res they would get. But after two days and 70% of the the res placed the research team should have known what the orders would be. Just look at jeep and what the ratio for hardtop vs soft is...
  8. Thank God Ford bit off more than they could chew

    I agree with the OP. Although you state Fords return has been a few million in reservations. Well 100000 reservations at an average 45k selling price is 4.5 billion. So I wouldn’t cry for them too much.
  9. Anyone else considering getting into a Bronco Sport? Since we have a long wait....

    I went to buy one yesterday and after searching online for the model I wanted the dealer marked it up 4000 dollars. Not once when I called to put it on hold did the dealer say there was any mark up.
  10. Why all the hate on the OBX?

    Nothing, it’s a great choice, not just because I also ordered one. Everything I’ll use, nothing I won’t.
  11. What does Priority 10 Mean

    Your reply to me implying that I’m uneducated because I started a thread that you deem not worthy is ridiculous. When you see a thread topic that you find redundant or useless then don’t read it. Simple as that. I’m thankful for the responses, even the ones that are jokes, they made me laugh...
  12. What does Priority 10 Mean

    Are we thread limited? Is there a thread and chip shortage? How about I start one about a paint color.
  13. What does Priority 10 Mean

    No no pin. I was told I was 149 out of their 70 allotment. But I got a OBX 2.3 MIC High Package cloth seats advanced 4x4 tow pack. I’m a 7/26 res
  14. What does Priority 10 Mean

    I did say thanks for any input......
  15. What does Priority 10 Mean

    My dealer has Priority Code 10 on my order. What does the 10 mean? Thanks for any input
  16. Electric Might take Longer if Ford can't fix Fires

    stop promoting junk on the forum!!! This article is from six months ago. The only delay is chip shortage.
  17. For those who Purchased a Cactus Gray OBX what interior did you opt for?

    Makes no sense. If you, the buyer, are not a fan of brown why would you consider it? I love and always want a car with saddle color interior. That’s my opinion. That’s what I’m getting. I think roast looks great with a majority of the colors. Not so much a fan of the dash but I can live with...
  18. Likelihood of new colors for 2022 Bronco?

    That’s what I See. That’s a BS cactus gray