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  1. Sacrifice made today to get my Bronco early..

    I saw this video before somewhere on this Forum and it is impressive. She said she noticed the difference in engine size when she was climbing. I wonder how much better climbing 2.4 would be if she had the 2.4 with the manual trans? then try it in the the 2 door she could probably climb a wall...
  2. Sacrifice made today to get my Bronco early..

    I saw AM in person on a BD and it looked awesome. I first thought it was black but then I looked at it from a different angle and the blue really popped. I liked the shifting of colors but it's not for everyone. I am getting AM blue after seeing it in person switched from carb gray.
  3. Sacrifice made today to get my Bronco early..

    I just switched to the 2.3L manual BL with upgraded rims. I figure this is my forever car and and a manual will be fun and probably worth some money someday since they are hard to come by now "just wait 10 years". BTW my wife hates manual trans, I haven't told her about the switch. She just...
  4. My order is in limbo

    Spot on zackdanger
  5. My order is in limbo

    Good point, forgot all about that sleepless night
  6. My order is in limbo

    I think a computer program can categorize and count orders based on builds with very little effort " I know my bank dose it with my checking account". Ford is not losing money buy telling you hoe to get your order pushed along, they have been doing that for some time now. Ford needs to get as...
  7. My order is in limbo

    That's my order except Lux & 2 door, 7/13 res but no Vin )-; trying to be patient and live vicariously through everyone who has a vin and build date. Congrats to you my friend
  8. Winch solutions

    It's not about apples and oranges. Ram had the winch included in their thought process Ford did not, It was a after thought. Hell if they had it in the plans they could have gone with a hybrid camera and radar system like Tesla. Subaru has a full camera safety system with no radar in the grill...
  9. Las Vegas Raiders Bronco Badlands being auctioned at Barrett Jackson

    the Bronco would look great if it weren't for that dam Raiders logo 🤮 Love the blacked look. Now if it was vintage Pat the Patriot logo I would be all in, just sayin (-;
  10. Winch solutions

    Dodge have been integrating a winch in the Power Wagon for years you would think Ford would be able to figure this out. BTW the newer Power Wagons have all the tech that the Bronco has including a camera they call surround view camera so maybe not a 360 camera but close.
  11. Transfer B4 3/19 = 3% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    Does this include 2 door, can you now order a 2 door with a soft top ?
  12. Week 7

    Same build here except Lux package, early 6am the morning after the launch. Still not a word on build date:(
  13. Northeast Bronco Off Roadeo may be in Portland, Maine according to job listing

    I live in Kennebunk and work in Portland. Great city with a lot of great restaurants but no off-roading in Portland. But there are a lot of possibilities close by. Very excited.😀
  14. Northeast Bronco Off Roadeo may be in Portland, Maine according to job listing

    Bangor, l don't even know her 🤭
  15. VR 360 Degree Video Tour of Broncos

    Love the Bronco logo in the sky :love:
  16. List of New England dealer events?

    You are the man :cool: