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  1. Plan B for Bronco

    As I am a late '22 for sure I went out and got a new 21' Ranger FX4 Off Road, just got the bed liner done, ordered the 2" lift kit, bed cover, and other goodies. Had to have something to tow with the RV as the CR-V is getting long in the tooth (2006), and it will be fun to play with until the...
  2. Portable Power? (Battery)

    Most of your info is spot on, only thing is you do NOT want to run a LiFePo4 battery dead, one reason is you can't normally, the BMS is set on most batteries to cut power at 10% DOD. A reserve is needed to keep the BMS alive, if the battery were to go to 0% DOD then the BMS would not be able to...
  3. Portable Power? (Battery)

    I have 750 watts of solar on the RV with a 2500 watt inverter charging 400AH of LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries, so good on off grid power. For emergency or portable (in vehicle) I have a soft folding 220 watt panel with a built in solar controller feeding a 50AH (10lb) LiFePo4 cased...
  4. Anyone else considering getting into a Bronco Sport? Since we have a long wait....

    Don't want a Sport, but as I have at least 18-24 months before I get my BL's I went out and bought a 21' Ranger 4X4 Off Road in the Sport trim. I used D-Plan and paid cash (to minimize interest loss) and got it for less than a used 20 is going for. I needed something new and it had to be...
  5. Removable mud flaps

    Keeping the mud off of your vehicle is only 50% of the reason for mud flaps, the other half is not throwing rocks, road debris, and mud clots up onto the hood or windshield of vehicles behind you. Had my windshield cracked from a rock thrown up by a big 4X4 truck without flaps, cost me $400 as I...
  6. Pros and cons of factory hitch vs. aftermarket?

    I will need a hitch from day 1, so factory all the way.
  7. ✨Tesla Roadster SpaceX Will Do 0-60 MPH In 1.1 Seconds ✨

    Yep, and Ford nailed every launch they did..... Oh, wait a minute
  8. Flying debris when going top off?

    I learned the hard way in my motorhome in the south, those millions of love bugs are the worst ever, actually had to stop, get out the ladder and spend 20 minutes getting that 108' windshield clear enough to see out of. :)
  9. Flying debris when going top off?

    If your fluid nozzles are adjusted so they shoot over the roofline then yes, kind of like the guy with his owl hunting lights coming at you. And all the wipers do for bugs is smear them over the entire windshield in my experience.
  10. Flying debris when going top off?

    This is the main reason I wear a full face helmet, can't count the times I have been hit with windshield washer fluid from the car in front, (normally right after cleaning the bike) and on clear sunny days, so it was intentional. If this was back in the 70' when I rode HD's I would get in front...
  11. ⚡️ 2022 F-150 LIGHTNING EV Specs, Pricing, Pics!

    That's what my 10KW solar roof is for :)
  12. ⚡️ 2022 F-150 LIGHTNING EV Specs, Pricing, Pics!

    Also big news and a surprise is the E-Transit Van, they will make a million of them.
  13. why NOT to get a roof top tent

    The reason for an RTT in Australia is EVERYTHING either bites, stings, poisons, or eats you!! And I mean everything!
  14. why NOT to get a roof top tent

    Only way to roll!! We have gone coast to coast, but love the mountains!
  15. MAP not down for 2 weeks?

    Well, I don't own Crypto, to volatile at my stage in life, but on a brighter note all of my investments are doing fine :)
  16. why NOT to get a roof top tent

    At 73 there is no way in hell I am going to try to climb that ladder barefoot in the dark to take a piss, and don't even mention it to my wife! This is why I tow my off road fun behind a Class A motorhome with all the goodies. Park, set up camp (easy with push button everything) unhook the...
  17. why NOT to get a roof top tent

    HAHA! that's funny, you do know a grizzly can rip that thing right off the top of your truck! In AK I saw one rip the door off of a truck to get to some food.
  18. MAP not down for 2 weeks?

    My Dealer is down 400!
  19. I need an etiquette clarification...

    True that, I was at Richardson for 3 years, and you can need bright lights at any time, a 1500 lb Moose will just ruin your day!
  20. For those that have purchased a "temp" vehicle?

    This, I did the same, I may end up keeping the Ranger as my 2 door BL won't have much cargo room :)