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  1. FordPass - Is it free?

    I disabled my wifi on my subaru and don't use their app either. They charge from the get go for their door unlocking service. I turned it off when they kept emailing me about my TPMS light being on because I switched to winter wheels tires and hadn't activated the new TPMS sensors yet. My...
  2. Here’s why you won’t see an electric Bronco

    Let me put it this way, the most popular wind turbine is an induction machine that runs variable speed requiring an AC-DC-AC converter so it can be utilized by the grid. Maybe in Montana your grid is able to use large synchronous machines that can maintain a constant speed. Variable speed...
  3. Here’s why you won’t see an electric Bronco

    Some do generate AC, but many don't. Some make "wild AC" that ends up getting rectified and inverted anyway because it can't be synchronized to the grid as the wind speed changes.
  4. Pics of 2021 Broncos in MAP holding yard area. Any requests for pictures?

    What tires you got on your bike? :D The broncos look good too.
  5. Here’s why you won’t see an electric Bronco

    I just sat through a one hour presentation on lithium battery uses for microgrids, battery energy storage systems, and industrial/telecom applications. Safety around lithium batteries was a big part of the presentation as it always is. Remember that the solution for thermal runaway on a...
  6. 10R60 (not 10R80) 10-speed automatic transmission for 2021 Bronco [update: confirmed in Ford parts system]

    There were several folks on the mustang boards who had the roush supercharger kits on their 2015+ GTs who couldn't stand the softening of the car (torque management). It could be tuned away to some extent, but it's also probably why some MT82s last as long as they do. I daily drove a 2003...
  7. 10R60 (not 10R80) 10-speed automatic transmission for 2021 Bronco [update: confirmed in Ford parts system]

    I remember when 2015 mustang GT owners were selling their cars and going back to terminators. They said the new cars just don't feel fast. All new throttle by wire cars are torque managed to prevent warranty issues. Manual transmissions make it a little more difficult, but they can add valves...
  8. Rock Crawling - Please Help Me Understand the Appeal

    It's fun to see what you can do. I bought a $30k wrangler rubicon and took it rock crawling within a few months of new. You can choose the obstacles you want to take. The offroad experience has come in handy a few times when clearing downed trees and driving in deep snow. Practice. I also...
  9. Any BASS (audio) heads out there???

    The Alpine upgrade in my 2015 wrangler two door rubicon is the best factory audio I've ever had. The little 6x8 sub in the rear floor works very well. I believe it's a 450W four voice coil speaker. It's surprisingly good. After trying to work on a 2015 Mustang GT with base audio, honestly...
  10. Lightning safety in non-metal-roof vehicles like Bronco?

    You don't work for Lightning Eliminators, do you? :D I'm no lightning expert, but I do design high voltage substations and their controls. They tend to take a lot of hits especially when they have 200ft microwave towers in them.
  11. Lightning safety in non-metal-roof vehicles like Bronco?

    I would worry more about ice missiles from buildings and overpasses in a soft top. My friend's honda civic was totaled when lightning struck it in a gravel parking lot one day. The lightning went into the roof making a hole in it, fried many electrical things in the car, and jumped to ground...
  12. 10 Things I Hate About The New Bronco

    Many new cars have powered antennas built into the rear window glass (looks like defrost element). Since the bronco has removeable tops...
  13. Flip it baby! No, I’m not! - Jalopnik Article

    I wouldn't buy from either. Car flippers are just small time dealers who pay sales tax.
  14. Bronco 2.7L Engine Pictures From Moab

    Are tuners deleting EGR and their coolers on 2.7s and reprogramming the spark and fuel to compensate for the lack of inert gas under low load?
  15. How AWD works (Includes Ford's 4A system)

    I definitely drive my STI, Rubicon, F150, and motorcycles in very different manners based on their properties and capabilities. I agree most people are poor drivers. Self driving cars can't get here fast enough for those people.
  16. How AWD works (Includes Ford's 4A system)

    I looked at EVOs years ago and Focus RS cars more recently. Mitsubishi scared me off and the Focus just wasn't something I could comfortably drive. Transverse engines have never been exciting to me either.
  17. Bronco designed to meet crash standards w/o doors & roof?

    Georgia has bumper height laws that are selectively enforced on lifted vehicles too. Piss off the wrong cop, or catch him on a bad day and who knows.
  18. How AWD works (Includes Ford's 4A system)

    It's irritating to me how the regulatory environment has driven driver nannies, fuel economy, and cold start emissions to control so many aspects of new cars today. I'm sure well over 99% of car buyers have no clue, and that's why things are the way they are. I'm definitely an outlier. The lack...
  19. fuel tank capacity

    The JK wranglers have 18.6 2 door and 22.6ish 4 door. Four gallons is about 70 miles of range on the wrangler. The two door doesn't get any better mileage on highway, because it's still a brick. Now, tailgate a semi on the interstate and you can pull 24-30mpg all day.
  20. Bronco designed to meet crash standards w/o doors & roof?

    Some background on changes in the wrangler structure that were also considered for the bronco design: