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  1. Aftermarket sway bar disconnect?

    You could make up an off-camber descent scenario where it may help with stability. But in general, it would make no sense. You also need the badlands or sasquatch Bilstein shocks to see the full benefit of disconnect, because the bump stops inside the base shocks limit the articulation.
  2. The Definitive Guide to 2021+ Bronco Ride & Lift Heights with Wheel & Tire Sizes

    Awesome presentation of data! Would be awesome to eventually add impact to breakover/etc angles and +/- articulation. Am I the only one that thinks the sweet spot for overall capability is 35" sasquatch for 2dr and 37" w/coil lift for 4dr? I was originally thinking 37" for 2dr, but now I am not...
  3. My Dealer said they're only scheduling Soft Tops this week

    Tell me it isn't true. The fact that a small of number of 2drs were scheduled was giving me some hope... I don't know about only soft tops, but it seems plausible that Ford would want to crank out the remaining soft top reservations ASAP before opening the dealer stock floodgates.
  4. MY23 / 2023 Delivery - Serious or Joking?

    Thank you for sharing this. I think everyone was suspecting that there were other issues with the 2dr since so few early 2dr reservations have been pulled. I guess we can all stop worrying about needing to remove the tow pkg.
  5. Wildland fire near Moab

    Moab is already a planet-of-the-apes wasteland. No fire needed (or even possible in most of Moab). :)
  6. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    I'll start start the bidding at $1000 for that tow hitch kit ;)
  7. MY23 / 2023 Delivery - Serious or Joking?

    I think Ford will take whatever steps are necessary to finish the original reservations by the end of 2022. However, we might not like the actions that may be needed. For example, Ford may need to eliminate options (hardtop, 2dr, etc) on low-end MY22 trims. We don't really know how many other...
  8. Tried to bump up in line

    Bizarre. Maybe your dealer has figured out how to game the system and force ford to give them an oversized share of hard tops? Or maybe there is just some other scheduler bias that we don't know about. I wonder what would happen if a dealer 99-ed their late soft top orders during the preview...
  9. Reserved late...Ordered a VIN early

    I'll be pleasantly surprised if August isn't at least 50% dealer stock 4dr ragtop builds.
  10. FordPass - Is it free?

    Free app. But realize that although it has some nifty features (location, oil life, tire pressure, start, etc) it is primarily a marketing tool for Ford to deliver offer notifications and such.
  11. Dealers-Are Your Allocations being Cut?

    This for sure. If you have a 7/13 order, but your dealership has a lot of late orders or low-option orders to choose from, you are the designated whipping boy. That is because Ford has to reserve the rare parts for dealers where there aren't as many low-option builds available to select. They...
  12. My order is in limbo

    It seems that orders with tow pkg will eventually be prioritized above non-tow, since it is a profitable item for Ford. We just don't know when. I think the biggest problem now is dealer mix. If you are at a dealer with lots of late orders or low-option orders, Ford will cherry-pick the...
  13. Dealers-Are Your Allocations being Cut?

    That has already started. Very late soft top orders moved to front of line. If your dealer runs out of soft top orders that can be pulled ahead of you, then there may be dealer stock orders ahead of you as well. Either way, a lot of people that thought they were getting a 2021 are not anymore.
  14. Bronco Raptor / Warthog Grille Design & Part Number Revealed (8200E)

    Probably just the originally planned wildtrak/FE grill. Before changing to black badlands grill.
  15. Post Your 2021 Bronco Window Stickers! Customer Build Productions Begins on 14th! 🪟

    I think this is related to hard top issues. Canadians got their early hard top builds, while US took the soft top hit. Would have been humiliating for Ford to ship a bunch of unwanted soft top dealer stock to great white north.
  16. 1st dealer invoice for manequinn “demo” 2 door Bronco shows in system

    Please allow me to congratulate you for your short wait on behalf of all the 7/13 2dr reservation holders without a scheduled build. And please be sure to remind us of your great fortune at every opportunity. :)
  17. "Soft Top Cloth w/ Prep Kit" Option Spotted in Ordering System as Possible Hard Top Prewire (For Retrofit Install)

    Do you have new information on the hardtop issue? Dealers have posted that their 2021 allocation will likely include dealer stock when they don't have enough buildable orders due to the hardtop shortage. It makes sense that they won't stop production when they run out of soft top reservations to...
  18. "Soft Top Cloth w/ Prep Kit" Option Spotted in Ordering System as Possible Hard Top Prewire (For Retrofit Install)

    I don't think many dealers have an incentive to convert customers to soft top. If people don't convert, it appears that they will be able to fill their allocation with dealer stock orders instead.
  19. Change order or ride it out on 2.3L?

    Assuming that they prioritize reservation orders for 2.7L above dealer stock production, it seems like there will be plenty of 2.7L available until the hard top issue is resolved. No data, just a guess. Despite mpg ratings, I expect 2.7L will be worse if you take advantage of the extra power...
  20. GM Destination Charges Lawsuit

    It is impossible to "hide" the destination charge on a new vehicle. It is on the legally required window sticker and included in the MSRP. Note also that there is no dealer margin on the delivery charge (invoice=msrp). Are you thinking about "dealer doc" fees or ADM?