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  1. What happened to my Wildtrak production?

    They won't even let me in the line...
  2. Getting Despondent

    Or a pool...
  3. A Toast!

    Not me...started work at 6AM.
  4. A Toast!

    They are easier to catch than moving cars.
  5. A Toast!

  6. My Dealer said they're only scheduling Soft Tops this week

    My dealer said...nothing, zip, zilch - ever.
  7. Bronco bolts

    Do you have a pineapple for reference?
  8. 📸: 2 Door Rapid Red Badlands+Upgraded Wheels+Fastback sighted in Palm Beach FL

    Not enough time for me...thanks for the info though, saved me a trip.
  9. 📸: 2 Door Rapid Red Badlands+Upgraded Wheels+Fastback sighted in Palm Beach FL

    Not too far from where I work...maybe I'll go take a peak.
  10. MAP not down for 2 weeks?

    What's "next"? 🤷‍♂️
  11. Emails today 5/6 ?

    Drink more alcohol...then you won't need the ibuprofen.
  12. Black 2 door bronco thread

    I thought I was the only one that ordered a 2-door in black...
  13. Email Day!!!! It’s here! 4-22 !!!

    What if I don't have email? Will they mail me a letter? :unsure:
  14. Hide and seek champ

    I think the Bronco might be the new champion....bonus internet points if you know the bike shop t-shirt.
  15. Take a breath ......

    Hold it until you get your Bronco.
  16. FL Dealer Events starting 4/1/21

    I went to the one labeled West Palm, really North Palm though. Didn't post any pictures since I didn't have anything new to add.
  17. Thursday email

    Not a thing to most of us...
  18. Florida Vehicles I have Known, Owned, or May Know

    I keep my cars...short list: 1982 Mustang GT - 4 speed manual 1989 Ford F250 4x4 7.3L Diesel 1985 Lincoln town car - I think that was the year, only had it a few months 2006 Scion Xb 1989 YJ Jeep Wrangler ...a Bronco on order...who knows when...