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  1. Just got my Ford Folding Tailgate Table

    I think 25 pounds is reasonable compared to the weight limit of my 2DR sas. roof rack, which is 0 pounds. ZERO. 😆
  2. Reserved late...Ordered a VIN early

    It's impossible to evaluate this situation without knowing the specifics of his dealer. He could be the 3rd earliest timestamp and the first two are MIC orders.
  3. Owners Manual for 2021 Bronco! [download here] 📖

    I'm assuming it's a typo because no other Ford (or any vehicle) I've seen has anything other than a standard 120V plug. It's the only convenient option for most folks.
  4. 7MT Driving Habits & Owners Manual

    With a 95:1 crawl ratio, one thing you don't want to do is coast down a hill off road in C gear with the clutch pedal pushed in. At 20 mph in low range your clutch disc would spin about 17k rpm and could explode and come through the floor! It's happened before so driver beware.
  5. Base Build

    You're saying that wrong.... "MY BRONCO GETS BUILT NEXT WEEK!" My base got a 7/26 build week. 2-door, 2.7, sasquatch, Carb gray, roof rack, switches, block heater, mats. 7/13 9:37 CDT reservation. I was around 35 out of 100 or so allocated to Stephens.
  6. 7MT Driving Habits & Owners Manual

    My answer is exactly this. Additionally, it's illegal in most states to coast down a hill in neutral, for what that's worth.
  7. 1,069 Broncos produced in May - Per May 2021 Ford Sales Report

    It went from 437 to 1069 from April to May and MAP only ran for two weeks in May so I'm sure June numbers will be encouraging.
  8. Bronco bolts

    I bet @flip could get us specs on these...
  9. Ford should offer 0% Financing for 60 months

    The Gamestop part was sarcasm but the rest stands. Borrowing money at 0.9% to invest is a good move, generally speaking. I'd take the $5k+ net gain this scenario would likely yield, sans the Audi purchase. 🤓 I will happily take a 7-year loan on the Bronco if one is available at decent...
  10. Owners Manual for 2021 Bronco! [download here] 📖

    Ford's done some crazy stuff but a 240V block heater? 🤯
  11. Ford should offer 0% Financing for 60 months

    When giving financial advice, it's generally best to not lead with "I bought a brand new Audi" 😁 Depreciation is the same regardless of loan term. Why not finance all at 0.9% and put that $31k in GameStop? $GME to the moon! 🚀🚀🚀
  12. 2021 Bronco workshop manual now live

    Have you been able to order it? I've tried several times over the last week and it says it can't be delivered to my state.
  13. 📸: 2 Door Race Red Big Bend spotted in San Diego CA

    Why cover up all that glorious OSB when you're paying $80 per sheet for it? 😁
  14. 10R60 (not 10R80) 10-speed automatic transmission for 2021 Bronco [update: confirmed in Ford parts system]

    YOU TAKE THAT BACK! :ROFLMAO: No doubt! I joked in another thread about moving it on top of the engine with a hood scoop like a Subaru but maybe that really is an option worth considering.
  15. 📽: Town and Country TV-10 Things They Hate About The 6G Bronco!

    Hate seems like a strong word for minor gripes. I do kind of hate that crew neck white shirt he wears with a polo, though.😁
  16. Glossary of 2021 Bronco Symbols & Indicator Warning Lights

    Oh goodie, we're going to get the owner's manual 2 pages at a time via BN :LOL:
  17. I ordered a Jeep today..

    I can't lie.... they look sweet on 37's!
  18. Boron Steel Performance in Bronco Sport Under Jaws of Life

    Any chance you're available to give a training session down here in Arkansas :LOL:
  19. Would you and your family sell everything and live the Nomad life in your Bronco?

    I love this story and that Bronco is fire! 😻 I would consider this up until my kids become teenagers, at which point they need a static group of friends. I made all my really close friends in my teenage years but maybe that's not typical. Regardless, I don't know if 15-year-old me would've...
  20. Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

    From the thread mentioned a few posts up: