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  1. Everglades Green 2022 Bronco Heritage Edition renders ☘️

    There will be nothing heritage about this with a Cinese made manual transmission.
  2. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Spied! Riding on 35's, Classic 4-Slot Wheel Design and White Grille!

    How Heritage is Heritage when Transmission, wheel and other component on a heritage vehicle are made in China? If Ford was to release a "heritage" model, at least have it 100% US made.
  3. 📷 Factory: Velocity Blue Black Diamond on steel wheels + MIC tops + Navy / Gray Cloth Seats

    More Chinese parts. As a day one reservation holder I will admit I will be jealous when I see the broncos on the road after canceling my reservation. But, Chinese transmission, Chinese wheels and who knows what else on an "American icon" just isn't right. Ford, get your act together. You lost...
  4. Saw bronco sport today. Disappointed

    Not saying the jeep looks nicer. Just saying the jeep looks more substantial. More car for the money. More solid looking and not so toyish. But this is just my view. Others will definitely disagree and that's fine.
  5. Saw bronco sport today. Disappointed

    Saw a big bend sport today. I was disappointed. Very small. Almost looked like a miniaturized Flex. Lots of plastic. Did not look like its worth the price. I did like the silver color. The cherokee is by far a more substantial vehicle. Sorry for my somewhat down thoughts. Just being realistic.
  6. American vehicle with transmission made in China. I'm out.

    This is a follow up to existing thread talking about the manual transmission made in China. Probably a good transmission and nothing wrong with it. However as a longtime proponent of not buying anything from...
  7. Getrag 7 speed manual built in China

    Jeep imports their manual as well. But at least its not from China and from a country known for excellent quality.
  8. Some math to find out delivery timeline for your Bronco

    As a database guy I can tell you the reservation number is probably not indicative of your position in the queue. There probably is a serial column or date time column with a real representation of your place in the queue.
  9. Getrag 7 speed manual built in China

    Actually the Warn is made just a few miles away from me in Oregon.
  10. Getrag 7 speed manual built in China

    This is really bad news for me. My entire family and close friends refuse to buy anything made in China unless there is no other choice. This just killed the 7 spd for me. Auto with v6 unless I find out that is made in China as well. Then I'm out 100% if the auto is Chinese s well. Sorry Ford...
  11. Why go Sasquatch when Badlands 4.70 is Same ?

    To digress .... will the 2.3 BL with manual suffice? I'm down for no sas at this point and the money saved can go towards winch.
  12. Why go Sasquatch when Badlands 4.70 is Same ?

    Yes. I just watched the qa section of the video. Sas gets you 1.5" over the base. 10mm over badlands. This is a no Brainer for me. Going BL without the sas. And, I do like the base wheels. I just need to decide on 2.3 or 2.7. Also, just did build process again and 4.7 on 10spd is available no...
  13. MIC Top looking ...

    In Either case, I am leaning CG, Black or A51
  14. MIC Top looking ...

    Let me be the first to say. After all these new threads popping up of Pics in Antimatter Blue, Carbonized Gray and all other colors on vehicles that look production ready, the MIC isn't looking as bad as it did originally. It actually looks good on AB, CG, A51, RR and others. I think we may...
  15. Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept – First Live Pics! [Updated With Specs / Mods List]

    The black / gray color combo looks bad ass. Now another color to consider with a matt gray wrap in certain spots.
  16. Real life pics of Bronco Black Diamond Interior

    These are God awful. The more I see these pictures the more I like the look of the Jeep. Also, is it me or does the plastic dash components look really cheap and low budget for such an expensive rig?
  17. PICS: Some more Broncos in the wild (Arizona)

    The 2 dr sasquatch has the roof rack which apparently is not available with a sasquatch.
  18. PICS: Some more Broncos in the wild (Arizona)

    Is that black 2 door in the first picture a sasquatch?
  19. Carbonized Gray 2-Door Badlands

    Here is my jk with billet silver. It had 33's on it. Its a lot lighter than the cg.