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  1. Offered a Sponsorship

    Sounds like it could be a fair deal and sounds like you're interested. Seems great. Not what I'd call a sponsorship, but seems like a documented consensual arrangement between two aroused partners.
  2. Just got my Ford Folding Tailgate Table

    Only one known so far is expected to be offered from Four Wheel Parts. Although I do think there will be other aftermarket BYOD rails.
  3. Anyone else feeling relaxed about their Bronco order?

    I mean, I feel super relaxed about YOUR Bronco order.
  4. 10R60 Automatic Transmission Specs / Gear Ratios in 2021 Bronco

    I say the 10R60 and 10R80 have the same torque rating of 800 N-m. If any of the people spreading disinformation want to bet on that, lemme know as I will happily collect your cash.
  5. Owners Manual for 2021 Bronco! [download here] 📖

    It’s not like the the top is going to cave in. Ford just doesn’t want liability for you rolling a tall, short-wheel base vehicle. You should be fine with a rack and modest loads as long as you understand what you’re driving and how your weight and loads are distributed.
  6. Why I switched to the 2.3L over the 2.7L...

    In the Ford 6R transmission family the 60 and the 80 had the same torque rating of 800 nm … hard to imagine that would change in the 10R family.
  7. Off-Rodeo Invitation

    Life is short. Go to the party. Hook up with her friends.
  8. 📸 🏆 Memorial Day Giveaway & Sale - Share your best road trip photos of America

    Valley of the Gods, tail end of a trip cut short by Covid...but we still had a couple months on the road. Here are my notes from waking up that morning: It’s dawn in the Valley of the Gods. Looking away from the rising sun, I watch the shadows creep toward me across the soft, rust-colored...
  9. New Lighting Kit for Mod Bumper -Baja Designs

    True enough. Although it looks like this setup intelligently mounts at the top which should still allow removing the caps and increasing approach by a couple of inches at least (although with more expensive consequences for needing more). I might do one at the very inside, but I don't think I'd...
  10. Can I Fit a 160 pound _______ in the Cargo Area of a 2-Door?

    Thanks for your snaps and impressions. Gotta be some other threads with more photos of this 2 Door BL, right?
  11. Rick Astley build journal: MY2? Badlands 2.3/MT/2-door

    I only stopped by briefly to say: Fuck that guy in the white jeep.
  12. Dealer won't make changes

    I mean, there's a real chance of all three.
  13. My thoughts after my Sasquatch 2.3L ride at Bronco Super Celebration

    This thread has really taught me two important things: 1. People really do vigorously respond to a random single post without bothering to actually read the rest of the thread...even when there are multiple pages between the post and their response. 2. There is basically nothing that can't...
  14. My thoughts after my Sasquatch 2.3L ride at Bronco Super Celebration

    Yeah, as I said back on page one...I mixed it up with the One Pedal that's only 2.7. Think I can't keep it straight in my head since my order is manual.
  15. My thoughts after my Sasquatch 2.3L ride at Bronco Super Celebration

    Automatic only for sure. I think it's much more likely I'm confused than LeDuc. I think's it's the One Pedal that's only the 2.7.
  16. 4/22 Email Group!

    I can't opine about MY2021, but it's my understanding this demonstrates that your dealer converted the order.
  17. My thoughts after my Sasquatch 2.3L ride at Bronco Super Celebration

    Interesting. So you experienced Trail Turn Assist with the 2.3? I've been under the impression that for some reason (some unknown reason), Trail Turn was only available with the 2.7.