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  1. 2023 Bronco Raptor beside 2021 Sasquatch (This thing is huge!)

    Here’s the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor alongside a regular Sasquatch Bronco. No, your eyes are not fooling you! This comparison is to scale. The Bronco Raptor is going to be a beast.
  2. 32’s vs 35’s vs 37’s mounted on Bronco Outer Banks with 4" lift

    Amazing what a difference tire size makes. Went from a mall crawler to a serious looking off roader.
  3. Wildtrak Bronco with 37" Tires & 2" Lift rendered

    Here is a render of a Bronco Wildtrak with 37" tires & 2" lift. Hoping this is a future factory option.
  4. Dilemma: Manual 2.3 VS Auto 2.7

    Have driven manual pretty much my entire life, but might just jump ship and go auto. The reason is simple, I want the more powerful 2.7 The only thing that makes me question that decision is whether or not the manual 2.3 will be fast enough. With a Ford Performance tune, it could make 345 HP...
  5. 2022 'Everglades Green' Wildtrack Bronco

    Here are some renders of Everglades Green on the recent Wildtrack Bronco spotted at dealerships.
  6. John Bronco Sells 2022 Bronco Heritage Edition! Previews in Yellowstone and Brittany Blue

    Dude these look so good! Looks like official artwork. This is exactly what Ford needs to do.
  7. Introducing Yellowstone - New Color for 2022 Bronco

    I’m on the edge of my seat!
  8. Introducing Yellowstone - New Color for 2022 Bronco

    Yellowstone will look quite nice with the Heritage Edition. It's not as obnoxious as Cyber Orange.
  9. How much power can the Bronco really make?

    So based on the Ranger with the Ford tune, we could expect the 2.3 to make: 345 HP 385 lb-ft torque That’s awesome! Now I can purchase a manual 2.3 Bronco 2-Door and have very similar power figures to the V-6
  10. How much power can the Bronco really make?

    After hearing about the new horsepower bump, how much more power can the Bronco realistically make with a Ford backed tune?
  11. Everglades Green 2022 Bronco Heritage Edition renders ☘️

    Really like what you did with this render but I think this grille suites the heritage package better.w-=*~*-/=EER*`*
  12. Warthog sighting

    How big were the tires?
  13. Anybody else concerned about plastic interior looking cheap?

    Funny you mention the B&O sound system. Listened to B&O in a Bronco Sport and it sounded really good. But when I heard it in a 4 door soft top, it sounded mediocre. Not sure why, but I was disappointed.
  14. Dealership appearance schedule and registering - find your local dealer [add your findings to first post!]

    I received a confirmation email. Will we receive some sort of ticket at some point?
  15. Bushwacker Pocket Fender Flares Spotted on Preproduction 2021 Broncos

    If the Warthog has flares like that...🤮
  16. 📷 Warthog & Raptor spotted in CA

    Man that looks big. Apparently, the 2022 Heritage Package Bronco is coming before the Warthog. Heritage will act as a first edition replacement. I wouldn't be surprised if we see official 2023 Warthog media released 1 year from now.
  17. Ricart Ford in Columbus Ohio Just Received This Bronco Wildtrak

    Just got off the phone with the dealer. It’s only going to be there until around 1PM. Ford will then pick it up and is going to take it to a park. Not sure where that park would be. Also, no test drives.
  18. 2 Bronco Warthogs Spotted!

    How about a DCT? One can dream right?
  19. 2 Bronco Warthogs Spotted!

    I like the 2-Door as well, but with the 37” tires, I actually think the 4 door looks better.
  20. 2 Bronco Warthogs Spotted!

    Look how much larger Warthog looks beside a standard 4-Door (does it have the Sasquatch package??)