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  1. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    Honestly at this point I'm debating asking to have my order priority changed to 99 just to bypass the drama of it all. I'm thinking pausing it until things are theoretically up to speed the VIN notifications won't feel so much like waiting to see if I hit the powerball...
  2. RTR Wheels For 2021 Bronco Now Available

    I would love the charcoal ones on my CO 2-Door (if I ever get it 😂) unfortunately I want my wheels/tires tucked in more, not poking out more 😏 to go with some flare trim delete pieces.
  3. Unclear what "standard" features are in all models

    there are some 360 components on all trims, it's confusing since 360 isn't a unit of items, but a grab bag that ford picks and chooses to add to this package or that. What gets me is padding the "mid package" with things that are standard just to make it look like you're getting a better...
  4. Post Your 2021 Bronco Window Stickers! Customer Build Productions Begins on 14th! 🪟

    ahhhh, I seriously did not know there was such a thing lol Thanks for enlightening me!
  5. Post Your 2021 Bronco Window Stickers! Customer Build Productions Begins on 14th! 🪟

    What is the circled number supposed to be referencing? I got a little excited since it clearly says 22 mi/gal, on a BD... but since 13.1L/100km works out to the 18mpg figure we've seen it must be something else?
  6. Poll: If Ford made a 6Gen U14 (half cab) would you buy?!

    I'm planning to remove the rear seats in my 2-door BD, and I'd love to get my hands on that Filson bulkhead with a canvas top. I think these renders look weird without the roll bars. I know a halfcab MIC setup would be troublesome, but the canvas setup should be doable.
  7. Change order or ride it out on 2.3L?

    I had the same thoughts exactly regarding the plates and rear seat delete, especially if the plates are truly the mpg factor where the BD is concerned.
  8. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco?

    ??? Whoresy available 🤣
  9. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco?

    Great, works on a Jeep or a Bronco 🤣
  10. SPOTTED: MAP Broncos & 4DR Wildtrak vs F150 Raptor Comparison

    That 2 door fastback is growing on me... and honestly how often does one really need the wipers? so many vehicles just don't have them anyway... drop the price a grand, offer it in tan or white to go with next years green and I'd be sold :ROFLMAO:
  11. Are May emails still gonna be a thing?

    Yup, people want to think they will build Loaded WildTraks first because they are the most expensive outside the FE. But if sasq, lux, 2.7 are constraints, then making say a BaseSquatch, a 2.7 BD, and a Lux base BL could be a more profitable route vs just one loaded WildTrak... with the bonus...
  12. Are May emails still gonna be a thing?

    I thought I was the only weirdo that did that lol. Once I finally check the ticket I need a new $2 glimmer of hope to put in my wallet 🤣
  13. "Bronco Raptor" may be production name for "Warthog" model

    To go with the general naming confusion they have gone with for the Bronco brand so far my money is on the Bronco Goat...
  14. The Bronco still uses a whip antenna because AM/FM radio

    I wouldn't put it past them on the base, I mean they only put 2 of the grab handle in it as it is 🙄
  15. Velocity Blue 4-Door Fastback at MAP Showing First Window Sticker Without "Not For Sale" Label

    I could get that BD has worse MPG than the others due to all the underbody armor. What I don't get is why with the 2.7 it's then the same as the other non-squatch's, I mean it brings Base/BB/OBX down, but takes BD up??)
  16. Badlands vs Wildtrak Bronco Comparison Video

    There's got to be more to it than that, or else it's just there for looks on on the BD
  17. F150, Ford, Rachael Maddow Dont get mad, give it a watch [Off-Topic / Political posts will be deleted - Administration]

    I see a lot of "We're not ready" here. If we never start a transition we never will be. If I say I'll never be able to run a marathon and never implement changes to do that then I never will be. But, it I start making changes and training to do it I could. Nothing changes in a stagnant...
  18. Considering switching to base model instead of Badlands

    My thought process exactly, mission creep is real 🤣 for now I'm settled on BD non Sas, but Base/BaseSas get's my penny saving side going, and BL non Sas has me looking over that way too for the upgraded suspension lol.
  19. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    Ford just looking out for our health. We shouldn't be sitting for more than 2 hours so we have to stop to stretch our legs at the gas station :ROFLMAO:
  20. Electric Bronco EV hinted by CEO Farley

    Now, real question... was Farley trolling? Because if you reread the tweet the guy actually asked if Ford had an EV opinion not and EV option 🤔