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  1. Okay, this is something I might actually cancel over

    I just take it as a good opportunity to go check my fluid levels in the engine compartment.
  2. Apparently, I won't be able to get a 2021

    I went to test drive a Ranger at the local dealer last week to get a feel for the 2.3L. We started talking about broncos and they said they've been allocated 17 MY21 but that they have over 50 reservations. They expect some to drop but know they won't fulfill everyone until 2022. They're also...
  3. Which of the Deadly Six is in your build?

    I really want a manual and have been on the fence about getting a 2.3 with manual or the 2.7. Test driving a Ranger with the 2.3 firmly shoved me into having a 2.7 as a must have for my Bronco build. I'm not a speed demon by any measure but the Ranger with a 2.3 felt about the same or maybe even...
  4. Bronco team rep's email to dealer GM -- discussing reservations, order conversion, allocations

    So it says December is when MY22 production starts. Safe to assume that MY22 deliveries might start arriving in February 2022?
  5. Anyone else find this a bit concerning?

    Hoses look to be a pain in the butt but what concerns me is where that alternator is located.
  6. Let's turn those red flags to green(?)

    A middle of the road, rational opinion is, in fact, picking a side. Therefore, I shall pick the irrational side and say boo sir. Boo for being rational.
  7. 2 Door Vs. 4 Door Bronco Daily Drivers

    I have a family of 5 so it's pretty simple for me. The 2 door has 4 seats and 4 door has 5 seats.
  8. Delete

    Unless that engine is off, you're an absolute madlad.
  9. Delete

    Lol, jokes on him. I don't even have a rear view mirror ;)
  10. Pics of Navy Pier Interior in First Edition Bronco

    I really hope they fix it on the actual production builds. I'll never be able to un-see that.
  11. Pics of Navy Pier Interior in First Edition Bronco

    I don't feel the hatred towards this interior that many seem to feel. I kind of like it. I also don't understand why they didn't make the FE interior the saddle leather. That saddle leather that we can't get has to be one of my favorite looking interiors I've seen, it's freaking sexy!
  12. Bronco Big Bend vs Jeep Wrangler Willy's

    Hahaha, that was me driving this truck 2 summers ago in the Florida summer. At least my teuck has wing windows to channel air directly at me.
  13. Passing State Inspection - Tint

    Here I am reading thru the 1st 2 pages of this thread thinking the same thing. Took until the 3rd page for the easy solution. That 1st registration in FL will cost you a pretty penny but after that it's pretty cheap.
  14. Bronco Big Bend vs Jeep Wrangler Willy's

    It really depends on which options are important to you. For me, I really want heated seats and steering wheel while I could not care less about the nanny systems or extra large displays or fancy audio. To get the heated wheel on the bronco I have to get the Lux package while on a wrangler, I...

    Or any other time apparently...
  16. Heated Steering Wheel

    That is one of the reasons I'm looking at a new truck. I think the heater heard I was moving from Florida to Montana and your retirement theory is correct. Fortunately I'm only 5 minute from work right now. Ms. Piggy (my truck) has done well though. She got me from Florida to Montana through a...
  17. Heated Steering Wheel

    Hey, I live in MT too, Great Falls. I don't even have a working heater in my truck, let alone a heated steering wheel ?
  18. Is Ford hinting at Green in 2021?

    Check out the F-150 color options, specifically the one named Guard. Looks like a darker green color. Here's hoping it becomes a MY22 option!!
  19. POLL: what powertrain are you choosing at order time?

    That sounds pretty similar to the I-4/I-75 junction during rush hour with rain. I've always had jobs on my feet and I think that's been a benefit for driving a MT. I probably avereage ~11.5 out of 12hrs on my feet at work. It's good for me though, I get fidgety sitting too long ?