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  1. ⚡️ 2022 F-150 LIGHTNING EV Specs, Pricing, Pics!

    ahh... I didn't know that. That makes it much more feasible.
  2. ⚡️ 2022 F-150 LIGHTNING EV Specs, Pricing, Pics!

    where are you getting 30 minutes from?
  3. How many people are going to see this to the end?

    I can wait several years if needed. I am in no rush. In the mean time I am taking advantage of my 30 mpg Tucson and saving / investing my cash.
  4. Changing Order 2-Door to 4-Door

    I changed from 4 door to 2 door last week.
  5. Ford rep suggesting new models in 22

    For testing or are they showing them??? I'll be near Austin this week.
  6. Bronco 1st Impressions

    I think these will work:
  7. Bronco 1st Impressions

    I saw a thread with 33s with bead lock wheels. You can't really tell they aren't squatched... After seeing that, I decided I would save a buck and just go OB and put 33s on it after market. Your post is more confirmation of this. I do think the Badlands is slightly lifted though.
  8. Direct injection on the 2.3 a big concern for anyone?

    I win stop light races all the time with my 1.6 turbo... just gotta pick your battles wisely. In my case, it's anyone not wanting to race. ;)
  9. Dealer won't make changes

    My dealer changed by order yesterday... it was a big change too: 4D to 2D. So it can be done.
  10. Ultimate Big Bend Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Yeah I think you're right
  11. 📐 New 2021 Bronco measurements per your requests

    aftermarket wheels with lower offsets would alleviate this but then you have to deal with "pokiness" ... correct?
  12. Texas Members Roll Call

  13. Ultimate Big Bend Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Is the silver 2D one iconic silver or carbonized gray? ... I ordered a 2D BD Iconic Silver and this is the closest I've seen to my build. I like it a lot.
  14. Black Diamond w/ Toyo 33s and Bead Lock Wheels

    I was noticing the same thing. Not many Wheels with offsets close to +55
  15. Black Diamond w/ Toyo 33s and Bead Lock Wheels

    what offset is that? ah, I suppose I mean beauty rings (I havn't done as much research on wheels). The toyos that I want are 285/70-17
  16. Black Diamond w/ Toyo 33s and Bead Lock Wheels

    the wheel stuff gets a bit over my head when I get into the weeds. Maybe y'all can help me out. Black Diamond has everything that I need, but I would like to put aftermarket 33 Toyo A/T IIIs on it along with the bead lock wheels similar to the BL upgrade. Is this possible? Or can y'all point me...
  17. 2.3 Auto Sasquatch Club

    I think I am going to join this group. downsizing to 2.3 in order to upsize to sasquatch and stay while staying within budget. I am a little concerned about DI, but I havn't heard of any issues with this on the 2.3... yet
  18. 2021 Raptor and F-150 Tremor Price List Revealed!

    The tremor pricing isn't bad.