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  1. Are there emails being sent out today (6/17)?

    Someone really needs to start enforcing HIPAA regs. They told me way too much about you before they even asked who I was. They had to consult with a veterinarian just to identify the breed of pangolin you violated. And the situation is itchy now, but it's getting a lot better. I barely even...
  2. Are there emails being sent out today (6/17)?

    I got an email. It was about my vehicle's extended warranty. I replied with @Rick Astley 's phone number. I heard he's got a horse that needs coverage.
  3. First Bronco bolt accessory -- phone holder by Tackform

    This thing looks as bad as pizza without pineapple. Just get a MagBak case and be done with it. Or, just use the spot in the dash....for phones.
  4. 📸: Thule Cargo Box mounted on Bronco 2-Door Badlands in Carbonized Gray + MIC

    And this right here is why I switched to Carb Gray
  5. 10 Minutes of 2021 Bronco Production Video Footage From MAP

    what would actually be cool is to have Ford try and track down some of those old broncos to see if they're still on the road or not.
  6. A Toast!

    And you didn't even stop and say hi. Such a jerk.
  7. A Toast!

    I have one, unopened bottle of this that I'm saving for a special occasion. I think delivery day might be it:
  8. A Toast!

    the car registered 118 on the way home today. My sweat glands grew all new glands just to sweat from. it's not pretty.
  9. A Toast!

    it actually is, it's pretty close to Dos Equis Lager. good easy-drinkin' beer.
  10. A Toast!

    This girl rages.
  11. A Toast!

    What I'm actually drinking tonight tho:
  12. A Toast!

    What I'm drinking until my truck shows up. slamming shot after shot in a fit of rage:
  13. Pineapple Pizza patch availability?

    Just be thankful he's putting his pineapple pizza on display, and not his sausage pizza. my text messages will never be the same. *shudder*
  14. Pineapple Pizza patch availability?

    Freud would like a word with you about all the phallic symbols you're seeing these days.
  15. Pineapple Pizza patch availability?

    I heard the same, but that they're being manufactured on a secondary line at the Webasto plant. so good luck getting one before 2030.
  16. Behind The Scenes Tour of Bronco Production at MAP Factory

    Looks like stig photos, but with a much nicer potato.
  17. Some Hilux action

    You're not wrong. watching them just bbq tires and bang into rocks was a little painful to watch. Was mostly just posting to watch a Hilux be a Hilux.
  18. Some Hilux action

    Just in case anyone was wondering, apparently we're all buying the wrong vehicle:
  19. ICYMI: Watch the Bronco Celebration Video from Ford

    Also, I can't be the only one that sees 'OKTB", and immediately thinks of this:
  20. ICYMI: Watch the Bronco Celebration Video from Ford

    Good to hear that they've got people at least. Can't run the machines without bodies.