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  1. 2.7L Bronco Sasquatch – Off-Roadeo Trail Footage @ Austin Texas

    @Chase Gentry great video! Best one of the plethora of Off Roadeo smattering I've seen posted to date.
  2. I feel so out of touch with my dealer, how are they with communicating with you?

    @calgecko same question/ concern as @da_jokker ?! Is this true??
  3. Stig Badge By @broncoak made into stickers! (free) (Officially out of Stig Stickers last batch goes out Monday 4/12/21)

    @618TRVLWILD shout out for hooking me up with some B6G Stig action as well! Thanks Miss Ashley aka the real Bronco Stig 🤘
  4. 🎥: New 2021 Bronco Commercial Video Draws on History

    @BroncoAgain I grew up taking long weekends and spending the week between Christmas and New Year's romping all kinds of vehicles in Ocotillo Wells- I love that part of the country. Probably lost 8 of my 9 lives out there 😁
  5. 2021 Ford Bronco Break-In Period: 1,000 Miles / 1,600 KM

    Interesting. Never had a factory-new vehicle. Does anyone know what goes into this special first-round blend? Some magic engine colostrum?
  6. Color ordering dilemma

    I was a late res myself and planned at that point for a MY22 build. Super excited about the green and potential for a white top. But I agree with @RLW - why not make MY22 that more attractive to lessen the bow wave of the MY21 order fulfillment issues? Why not state, even without renders, etc...
  7. 2022 'Everglades Green' Wildtrack Bronco

    Yup, that be my MY22 WT color. White mod roof and white steelies on the sasquatch package would complete me.
  8. Freeway Video: Bronco Black Diamond 4 Door Iconic Silver

    All I want for Christmas are those black steelies on a sasquatch package...
  9. The Beer thread.

    When Pliny is offered, you take a Pliny. And you are happy.
  10. First Time Seeing Bronco & VIN!!! [Tons of Measurement Pics & Videos]

    @mattrb87 No worries man. Yeah I was looking for a quick-and-dirty Hail Mary to try to get somewhat comfy sleeping in the 4dr without something crazy having to be added. That 4"-5" lip is a rascal still yet to be figured out. Thanks anyhow!
  11. First Time Seeing Bronco & VIN!!! [Tons of Measurement Pics & Videos]

    @mattrb87 excellent review- I saw these same beauts last month. If you're going to see them again, I'd be curious to ask how easy (or hard) it is to remove the back seats entirely. I am wondering if that is something akin to bolt-on, bolt-off or something more intrusive like dealing with welds.
  12. What are your expectations for the day you take delivery of your new Bronco?

    I love the tailgating idea... that's hilarious and may be a serious consideration for me if some of the local area folks are picking up the same day as I am @Serramonte Ford. I imagine Sean @Gloff will take care of us leading up-to and the day of. After pickup... man, IDK. Drive home with the...
  13. Today at Montrose Ford (OH): 2-Door Wildtrak with doors off

    I love the WT cloth camo tan/ black... I can settle for the dash today but I think (ok, I hope) it will actually look fantastic for a MY22 build with green exterior. A bit forest-y 😃
  14. Last Minute Changes?

    The Great Wait has probably only done good things for Ford. Sure, folks have dropped out, but the vast majority of us have been dreaming about the what-if's on a daily basis. I started off this madness by knowing I loved the Sasquatch look, no question. So I started with a Base build. Then I...
  15. Badlands or Wildtrak?

    Slightly off topic from the OP's question, but I think it's relevant in seeking the final answer. I'm still grappling with this today. I've spec'ed out the WT in cloth (which I think looks so-so, not heinous; the leather color palate is a non-starter for me) but keep going back to how much I...
  16. 🍍 Pineapple For Sale

    Bro I need something for scale. Can't be scammed now.