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  1. First Edition Bronco Thread

    My dealer just told me there weren’t any previews today…maybe FE scheduling will be next week then.
  2. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Nothing yet on my end.
  3. First Edition Bronco Thread

    So the image of my FE Bronco on the reservation page in my Ford account is no longer there…it’s usually there and it was there this just blank, no image. I’m going to read entirely too much into this and say that it means I’m about to get scheduled. Hopes are higher than they...
  4. First Edition Bronco Thread

  5. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Didn’t you post yesterday that you just got scheduled for a 6/23 build date? I’m just hoping they have left some space in June and July for FE builds. I’m Keri g hope alive that I get scheduled for early August at the latest…4 weeks for delivery…it might work out for me. Otherwise I’m driving my...
  6. First Edition Bronco Thread

    You sir, have given me too much hope. I hope at least 16 of those 1000 are headed to Granger…I am in the 16th position of the FE line there. I would love to take delivery of my FE by the end of August since I have a big trip out west planned for early September.
  7. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Glad to see there are still early FE schedule dates coming through. Wasn’t expecting FE scheduling this week…so that is good news as well!
  8. Rock the Park

    The National Park System is amazing - a real treasure in the US. One of the items on my bucket list is to visit every one and backpack in the ones that allow it. I still have a ways to go. I did the Teton Crest Trail in 2019…amazing. Heading back to Glacier this September for a 90 mile...
  9. Will cargo security drawer allow for a fridge/freezer slider on top?

    That’s what I’m going for, it’s just unclear how well the drawer box is secured to the floor of the cargo space…if I slide 100+ LB fridge out will the whole thing want to tip out? Not sure if it is designed for this type of application or not.
  10. Will cargo security drawer allow for a fridge/freezer slider on top?

    Anyone know if the cargo security drawer will support installation of a slide for a fridge/freezer on top? I'm sure it will support the weight on top, but unsure about the load once the slide is extended out.
  11. Basequatch refrigerator hook up?

    For what it’s worth, dometic has a 20% off everything sale right now online, plus free shipping. Probably the best time to buy one.
  12. I've cracked Ford's reservation and production system

    That's funny...I've actually used that same image on a couple presentations for work recently.
  13. First Month of Bronco Allocations - The Timestamp is only ONE factor

    Any idea what the driving factor(s) might be for those builds getting scheduled way out in October and November?
  14. First Edition Bronco Thread

    VB and LB do appear to be switched there.
  15. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Still waiting here. I'm top 30 at if they got 25 Broncos or so scheduled for their first cycle I would think I'm in good position for the 2nd cycle...though they only got 1 FE out of that batch. What keeps me sane right now is the assumption that priority orders ate up all of the...
  16. broncomorrow

    Indiana Bronco

    I wish I could - work isn't cooperating this week. I saw the Bronco in person for the first time Monday...that is all I need to tide me over for awhile...completely sold on it and can't wait to take delivery! I'm hoping I can get it by the end of July.
  17. Signature Line Request: Add your Reservation Timestamp and Order Information

    Totally agree - everyone seems to keep asking for it though.
  18. Signature Line Request: Add your Reservation Timestamp and Order Information

    Apologies if this type of plea has already gone out. I did a (limited) search and came up empty. Anyone else tired of repeatedly asking for, or reading requests for, reservation and order information? This is a plea to for everyone to add your info to your signature line (under account...
  19. First Edition Bronco Thread

    So grey interior...not a black interior. Disappointing. I’m hoping it looks darker in real life.
  20. Took a tour of First Edition 4 DR Cactus Gray Bronco Today

    I was at that dealership as well - first time seeing one in person for me. Unbelievable! These things are beefy! I can't wait to get mine. I've got a CG FE w/black interior on order so it was nice to see a good representation of what I'm getting. I've always been a Navy Pier hater and after...