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  1. 10 Minutes of 2021 Bronco Production Video Footage From MAP

    Thanks for sharing. There are some really interesting videos on YouTube of the F150 plants. Automation with robots is fun to watch.
  2. 🎥: New 2021 Bronco Commercial Video Draws on History

    That was fun to watch. Loved it!!!
  3. Today, 5/28, Ford email will be sent to all unscheduled order holders

    Optimistic here: Just because they are sending email on Friday does not really mean anything. Monday (last day of the month) is a holiday. Not all reservation holders are on this forum so we have no idea how many build dates have been issued lately. Only speculations. But today i only saw...
  4. Broncos scheduling this week 5/20

    No matter when we put our reservations in, I think we should at least get some communication from Ford that they confirmed our order or something. But my dealer doesn't even contact any of us either about anything. Right now I am exploring options but will wait until June 1 to hear from Ford...
  5. Video: Bronco lights and black painted mod top at night (Sasquatch 2-Door)

    Great nighttime video. Thanks for sharing
  6. Broncos scheduling this week 5/20

    By time we get them, the term recall will be outdated🤦
  7. THE my Bronco production build date MOVED UP thread!

    I know that I am not getting mine anytime soon since I didn't put in for it until mid October but it sure would be nice to hear something from Ford or my dealer. I have to call my salesman all the time and he doesn't have a clue. just says..."Your order is in". I have only put my $100.00 down to...
  8. Video: Bronco WildTrak 4-Door in Oxford White w/ Sticker Package and MIC Hard Top Moving Like a Boss

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. The bronco has a stance like no other. So cool looking as it easily went down the road and handled the little dips in the road like a boss💪
  9. 360 video: Race Red Badlands Sasquatch with new brush guard / bull bar at @ MAP

    Beautiful bronco. Thanks for the video👍
  10. Video demo: GOAT Mode Screens & Driver Info Screen

    Great video. That display is pretty nice for a secondary screen in the bronco. I'm ready for mine too be delivered👍
  11. SYNC 4 Demo/Overview - 12" Touchscreen in 2021 Bronco

    I actually stopped and looked at this when he got to that point and was wondering what model Bronco we were looking at. I would certainly be happy with 19.1 with the Squatch package.
  12. Look up your order details through the website code.

    Followed your instructions to the "T" and everything was there just as I ordered. I actually initially ordered an OBX but changed my mind to the Big Bend. The order form shows this perfectly. Great job with cracking the codes and sharing this information with us.
  13. 🎥 Video Spotted 2 door Lightning Blue First Edition+Fastback

    Another awesome find. Thank you for sharing. Looks awesome.
  14. Video: Bronco Wildtrak 4-door Cyber Orange walkaround and good interior views [Dominic Pericak]

    Thanks for sharing. I think the kid is cool👍. He's having fun and we get to see more of our broncos.
  15. Sasquatch Badges for First Edition, Black Diamond and Big Bend Broncos!

    You all crack me up. It's a sticker. Don't cancel your order over it🤣🤣🤣. And i promise if Ford would have put a bubbled out emblem on there, everyone would have been saying... "How stupid is Ford? That thing will get ripped off on the first ride off-road". Right???? But I'm sure these are easily...
  16. Spotted: Bronco Badlands Cyber Orange vs Jeep Wrangler Sahara -- side by side

    I would never say anything bad about the Jeeps. I have a 93 that's like brand new and i love it but I'm certainly excited about upgrading to a new bronco. It's great we have these choices.
  17. Ricart Ford in Columbus Ohio Just Received This Bronco Wildtrak

    And i get why she was saying it but it was so loud. I had my phone all the way up to hear the guy talk and then all the sudden...📣📣📣