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  1. Bronco on 4" lift with 37s by Maxlider Brothers

    4" lift with 37s
  2. Updated Video of Bronco Yard!

    They are way in the back lot.
  3. 2 door seats - power

    Electric seats always move way too slow for me. Could be a car. Could be our new sofa. Doesn’t matter the product. The electric motors are so damn sluggish. It’s probably due to the fact that you not only bring the seat back forward but the base slide forward to allow your passengers to get...
  4. a Rear Door Bag is also offered

    The rear door? Like the tailgate? I don’t think that’s a thing. I’ve never heard of people taking the tailgate of their vehicles like side doors. The Wrangker tailgate was never easily removable. I don’t think the old Broncos were either.
  5. Sneaky dealership story

    From what I gather on other posts your cancelled reservation counts as one of the dealer’s allotments. They are free to claim that allotment and sell it even if you cancel. I’ve read a few posts where people cancel and are told by their dealer that they will still receive updates to their...
  6. Just got my Ford Folding Tailgate Table

    I strap that to the top of the hood right? Also do you recommend normal Velcro or industrial strength?
  7. Chip shortage - GM removes Start/Stop on some vehicles article.

    Any chance I can pay $50 not to have that “feature”??!?
  8. Door hangers

    I had hooks sort of like these for my old Jeep half doors and one door fell forward and got all messed up. You’re right about saving the bag stitching. Maybe securing the bag handle with a hook so if the door falls forward the handle will catch the hook but still have it rest on a hook...
  9. Door hangers

    I’ve been thinking about this but because you can get those bags I’d probably just throw the door in the bag and hang it on a hook screwed into the wall.
  10. 37s fit on a stock BADLANDS! But can't offroad 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Lol. Thanks. Well since we are both here that pretty much makes us related. When you get your FE you’ll have to bring it to Cars and Coffee. It’s every first Saturday of the month at Mystic Lake. Otherwise Coffee and Octane is every second Saturday of the month at the Medina Autoplex...
  11. MY23 / 2023 Delivery - Serious or Joking?

    None taken. After reading these forums for a month I have so much more knowledge compared to when I spoke to the guy at the auto show. I found these forums shortly after I saw the bronco in person and fell in love with what is coming. If I were to the guy now I’d have a lot more questions for...
  12. Recovery of flipped over Bronco Sport (and it started and drove home)

    “It’s not a Hummer. Maurey would be very upset if you called it a Hummer”. Amen! What’s the plan for the sport now? I’m so impressed it fired right up. The smoke that billowed out of the rig was hilarious. Glad everyone was ok.
  13. (Photos) Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Antimatter Blue Outer Banks Bronco's

    Have you seen cactus in person? I changed to it when I finally saw it in the flesh. Fricking amazing.
  14. Late Reservation

    So damn true!!
  15. So what's our next carrot?

    “I can’t find off road trails near me. Nothing shows in my bronco app” Mine isn't really a carrot. It’s more of a what’s the next freak out after we start taking delivery. But I’d rather have it be something like that versus my hardtop just split in half.
  16. MY23 / 2023 Delivery - Serious or Joking?

    I was at an auto show a month ago. I got to chatting with one of the corporate guys (not the marketing people) and he told me they are over 300k hand raisers meaning people that submitted a $100 reservation. I’m hopeful that I can get my build by end of 2022. However that’s a lot of vehicles...
  17. Tried to bump up in line

    I do want a soft top though. I want both. Two tops wasn’t an option when I did my build. My thought was I can always get a hard top (eventually). Also I think your . key is stuck.
  18. Good bye bronco

    But the top and doors can’t come off...easily. I’m happy for you. I couldn’t do that because I don’t wanna know how Intense the regret would feel once I finally saw one on the road.