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  1. Meme Thread For Those Still Waiting

    My progression.
  2. 📸: Raiders Bronco displayed at Barrett Jackson

    Probably works for some people, just not me.
  3. THE my Bronco production build date has been DELAYED / MOVED BACK thread

    Lol, funny hearing all the people who got vins and told those of us without them to stop complaining, now complain.
  4. Bronco with a Cummins???

    I like diesels, but I’m not sure I see the point of spending the money on a 2021 Bronco just to yank the engine out and stick a diesel in. Why not buy a classic Bronco and resto it with a diesel, be about the same price.
  5. Reserved late...Ordered a VIN early

    Congrats. Should be a good build to expand upon.
  6. Anyone receive 6/10 email?

    Does me breaking down and emailing my dealer that he can drop the tow package, and him emailing me back saying, “dropped,”count?
  7. Do you fit the Ford demographic?

    Do you own Turkey Hill?
  8. 10R60 Automatic Transmission Specs / Gear Ratios in 2021 Bronco

    That’s it, I’m out…lol
  9. My dealer called - dropped tow package

    Honestly, I wish Ford would send an email letting you know what the constraints were holding up your particular build so you could decide to keep them and wait, or drop them in lieu if getting your vehicle faster. I imagine vague emails and rumors are causing most of the frustration felt by...
  10. My dealer called - dropped tow package

    If you have a vin then what are you worried about. Yours will be built this year.
  11. Bronco Pickup Hinted by Sighting of Ford Testing a Jeep Gladiator?

    I wonder if that would eat into ranger sales?
  12. Change order or ride it out on 2.3L?

    I’m an early res holder as well with no vin. At this point it’s clear that the order process is hosed. I’d order what you want and get it when you get it. I think settling for something less than what you want will only make you angry in the long run. At this point I highly doubt I’ll see my...
  13. White (Unfinished MOD) Top Spotted

    I know people are dying for this, and I love white tops on classic Broncos, but this doesn’t look right.
  14. Are you considering canceling your order?

    If I said I was happy about the current situation I would be lying. But….I cant find any other vehicle that has nailed everything I want. So ya got me Ford…”I can’t quit you”
  15. Dealers informed that 4-Door Bronco FCTP Mannequin demo units will be Soft Top only

    Ahh Ford, you’re trying, you’re really trying. Doing everything you can to make it seem like you didn’t completely botch this launch, but hey, I applaud your effort.
  16. Believe it when I see it

    Do we get a coin??? 7/14 Reservation Jan 21 order Badlands Got my email saying jack and shit Nothing else from Ford. Ive fallen off the wagon and started searching for other vehicles, made an offer on a raptor but it was declined. Do you validate parking??
  17. Let's create some positive vibes on Bronco6g ... I hope these pics are a sneak peak of what's to come

    6 months puts us in November, so maybe 12 months? Either way , I like where your heads at.
  18. It’s ok, have some compassion

    I get it, but I think there’s a lot going on in many peoples lives lately. I’m very sorry for all the people you mentioned. And without walking a mile in their shoes you have no idea why they might be venting on here.
  19. It’s ok, have some compassion

    I’m not sure you read my post either.