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  1. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    now I know my world-view is distorted - the first thing I thought of reading your posts is "what do you mean we haven't talked about chips yet - where you have been for all the shortage discussions....?" Thank you for bringing me back to guacamole, salsa and sour cream...better than talking...
  2. First Bronco bolt accessory -- phone holder by Tackform

    The 1990's are calling and want their cellphone mount back...
  3. Weight limit / size limit on the factory spare tire carrier?

    Not sure about that, but I do remember there being some limit on the size of the tire that would be able to still have the brake light visible, which could be an insurance/ticket issue, I would think. Don't think there was any 'extender' for that - at least at that point.
  4. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Maybe 'hand grenades' after seeing some of the posts lately. Plenty close for that... 😁
  5. Good bye bronco

    Everyone has a different body type, and I guess a different definition of "cramped". I was surprised at your comment as well as I am 6'2, 210, and have short legs (so tall torso). When I sat in the Bronco (4dr), I was also very much looking at shoulder room as it was back when the big...
  6. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Yeah, now I do feel really old! Not my first concert, but probably the most memorable was the The Rolling Stones/George Thorogood and the Destroyers/Foreigner at JFK Stadium in September '81. GF and I were in parking lot early the night before (after the Friday show, so the Port-a-potties were...
  7. Do you fit the Ford demographic?

    Well, you may need to empty the Turkey Hill ice cream container to make it under the towing weight limit, so if you need help (and it’s Graham Slam) just give me a shout! Miss having that cow and the great products for the kids at Special Olympics Summer Games in NJ - maybe next year!
  8. Bronco Pickup Hinted by Sighting of Ford Testing a Jeep Gladiator?

    I found it odd (other than for testing the competition) but wanted to post it as it was "Bronco related news" and I was shocked It was not up here already. Thankfully somebody posted it into the correct forum (I was on my phone and didn't even realize we had a 'pickup' discussion) and re-titled...
  9. Bronco Pickup Hinted by Sighting of Ford Testing a Jeep Gladiator?

    Source: Originally based on the Ranger, the new Bronco's platform isn't exactly the hardest for Ford to adapt back into a pickup. And by now, there's plenty of evidence to suggest Ford will do...
  10. I ordered a Jeep today..

    Not always true - depends upon the leasing company. I had a Volvo XC90- lease was ending in Feb and I knew Bronco was going to be well delayed. Asked about extension and Volvo said max was 3 months, but they’d only do 2. (Maybe because I had a 15k/yr mileage lease)
  11. Help my Uncle IRA out with vehicle suggestions........

    I am a "cyclist" and have both a 'road' and 'mountain' bikes that I take to ride meetups. While I do have a Yakima DR2 (3) Tray hitch mounted carrier that works great for a really dirty bike after trail riding, I sometimes prefer to carry my road bike in the safety and security of my SUV. (For...
  12. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    This message was brought to you by the... They need to pay for their Broncos too!
  13. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Some of this thread reminded me of this SNL classic...
  14. Change to Soft-top / Water/Power Connection

    Not sure I'm following your logic - they have soft-top options for both 2* and 4 door, so no design issues. And for the "warranty and legal" on flipping switches that makes no sense. I have a hard top coming, will have those switches, and when I take the top off and use a soft top (or none)...
  15. Transfer B4 3/19 = 3% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    I do not believe they can ship an "incomplete order". besides the logistics, there are likely some accounting issues for them. My hope was that they could build the equip the models like hardtops (defrost and wiper connections) and ship with a soft-top. That would probably move a lot of...
  16. Any timestamp transfer folks get a VIN?

    Yes. For week of 7/26. 🤞
  17. May 27 Email Group!

    Got my build date of 7/26 as well...
  18. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Got busy with work stuff and saw the posts, so checked my email, and preview went to build date of 7/ hoping they don't change/cancel this. Good luck all!
  19. Filson x Ford Bronco Gear

    Just saw this post - I think I still have the Eddie Bauer travel bags that came with the original '91 Explorer that I had... 😁
  20. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    I'm not Brewster - I'm at Chapman. 7.13 at 10:58PM EDT