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  1. How many Wildtrak orders have gotten their build dates and VINs?

    Nada aqui. 7/14 reservation, tow package… very small dealership, I’m 1 of 2 allocations.
  2. Black 2 Door WildTrak spotted in Ohio

    Day time driving lights?
  3. Black 2 Door WildTrak spotted in Ohio

    Complaining is one of the things we do best on here, so let her rip!
  4. Anyone receive 6/10 email?

    Nothing means nothing anymore!!!
  5. In the meantime.

    Great video! Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed watching you (?) mod this thing out. Very sick!
  6. Las Vegas Raiders Bronco Badlands being auctioned at Barrett Jackson

    Bet that roof rack doesn’t make it to the eventual owner.
  7. I'm Livid. Dealer didn't change my order to 4-door, received VIN for 2-door

    I think the problem that you run into here is that with ANY changes that you request the dealer make to your order, you have to sign a confirmation of the change of order, otherwise it’s not official/complete. That said, this is totally on the dealer and I hope Ford can sympathize with that...
  8. Ursa Minor introduces pop-top camper rooftop tent for 2021 Bronco

    Maybe I’m crazy, but spending thousands of dollars on a roof top tent just doesn’t do it for me. I’d rather camp on the ground. Is this specifically meant for areas where there are brown bears, or am I missing something…? I should note that I also camp a lot for my work, and the idea of this is...
  9. 2nd day start times?

    Regardless, a little context is still extremely useful. 👍🏽
  10. "Soft Top Cloth w/ Prep Kit" Option Spotted in Ordering System as Possible Hard Top Prewire (For Retrofit Install)

    Unlikely they would offer this on models that come standard with MIC, but that’s ok… I guess.
  11. June 2 Email Group!

    I will say, the sense of community on here has gone downhill since folks started getting their build dates.
  12. June 2 Email Group!

    Unfortunately, people often choose not to believe the things they don’t want to believe.
  13. Bronco 2 Door Off Roading and Walk Around by AutoEdits Jason (Race Red)

    It’s amazing how many videos I’ve watched on all this stuff and I swear, I learn something new every time. Great video. One of my favorites so far.
  14. Today, 5/28, Ford email will be sent to all unscheduled order holders

    We’ve only seen build dates into July. I can’t imagine that Ford is shutting it down after that. Rather, I think it is more realistic they’ll say, we’ll send you a scheduling emailing in the June/July timeframe. …I hope I’m right because I wants my Bronco! Wants! Wants! Wants!
  15. May 27 Email Group!

    Ugh… this doesn’t look good for those of us who don’t have build dates by close of business today. ☹️
  16. May 27 Email Group!

    Congrats! Interesting that you have a four door with the roof rack…? How’d that happen? Is it because you didn't add SAS?
  17. Electric Bronco EV Teased in Announcement of New Ford EV Platforms

    I have a feeling someone already hit this up, but it looks more like a Honda Element than a Bronco. That silhouette is stank.
  18. "Bronco Raptor" may be production name for "Warthog" model

    I think they should go with “Bronco R.O.U.S”.
  19. CEO Farley says Ford was able to offset almost all chip shortage impact

    Whoop-de-do! Don’t mean $#!t if they can’t get plastic.