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  1. Las Vegas Raiders Bronco Badlands being auctioned at Barrett Jackson

  2. Do you fit the Ford demographic?

    Downsizing to 1 vehicle. Already sold (for $8,000. more then I paid for it) my '19 Stingray and will be trading my '19 Honda Civic on a '22 Wildtrak. t
  3. Fifteen52 traverse with Ridge grapplers!!

    Looks like a '63 "fuelie".
  4. V8 Raptor / Warthog Bronco Possibly??

    I just sold my '19 Stingray to pay for my '22 Bronco that I have a reservation for and I hope this rumor is true. I like V8's.
  5. Do I extend my lease? For how long?

    I'm buying my '19 Honda when the lease is over and trading it on the Bronco. When I checked on the current trade-in value of the Honda it's almost $5,000. more then my buy out price at lease end. Used car values are insane.
  6. Selling existing vehicle

    Sold my '19 Stingray that I purchased back in Dec of 2019 when they were almost giving them away (20% off sticker) to my local Chev dealer last month for $8,000. more then I paid for it. I didn't want to take a chance on what it might be worth if I waited to trade on the Bronco whenever I get...
  7. Who else has America's Sports Car?

    Just sold my '19 Corvette to my local Chevy dealer for $8000. more then I paid for it . Will be paying cash for the Bronco.
  8. Wildtrak color debate

    Wouldn't the decals be able to be removed if a person didn't like/want them?
  9. Will the Bronco be your daily driver?

    Downsizing to one vehicle. Getting rid of the Honda Civic and the Stingray.
  10. What is the verdict on being able to remove the second row seats in a 2 dr?

    Me thinks a cut-off wheel on a grinder would solve the problem with the studs.
  11. 2-door storage area pic (seats up + tailgate closed) has me reconsidering

    I plan on removing the rear seats. I don't need them.
  12. Badlands vs wild track. I can’t decide.

    Wildtrack for me. I wanted something that has the best highway handling and comfort. I never plan on going off-road I just wanted a vehicle that looks like you could.
  13. Land Rover Defender V8 vs. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 | V8 4x4s square off on paper

    It would be more interesting if the Wartpig were included in the comparison.
  14. My dealer found out what his demo will be!!

    My dealer said they are getting a 2 door Wildtrack as their demo.
  15. Production start?
  16. All the vehicles we have owned before.

    Bought my first car in 1964. I think I remembered them all.
  17. Dealer asking for reservation number

    I would think Ford would include the reservation number when they send the reservation info to your designated dealership.