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  1. Some Hilux action

    There's an old Top Gear (the real UK version) where they spend the whole episode unsuccessfully trying to kill a Hilux.
  2. CACTUS GRAY THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing cactus gray lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    I'm thinking I'm going to be MY22 at this point, so waiting to see if a white top becomes an option and would love white wheels to match ... Although, as many others have pointed out, anything new seems like adding more risk of a delay.
  3. Thank God Ford bit off more than they could chew

    The one complaint I have about this is that the launch happened during COVID. This wasn’t completely unforeseen- people were talking about supply chain issues from COVID long before July. They simply could have hedged the language in their communications rather than continuing to overpromise and...
  4. 5/28 Bronco Production Update E-mail & Dealer Insight FAQ 📬

    Me, too, and yet I am somehow still disappointed.
  5. The “I didn’t get today’s email” hugging and crying thread

    Build date or the "here's when we estimate you might get a Bronco" email we're anticipating for everyone?
  6. Electric Bronco EV Teased in Announcement of New Ford EV Platforms

    I keep using the "last combustion engine vehicle" excuse to justify buying something with such awful gas mileage. Last hurrah! I'm intrigued by Rivian's trucks, too. But not ready yet.
  7. Northeast Bronco Off Roadeo may be in Portland, Maine according to job listing

    I'm guessing Portland was the closest option to select for the job posting, so it may not be in Portland per se. I could imagine it being somewhere several hours away, but you can also get rural pretty quickly heading inland from Portland without having to travel far, which would make it...
  8. NEWBIE here....can someone tell me how I'm looking as far as my order's timing?

    Doesn't matter when you ordered; it's when you reserved that's the bigger factor. Everyone's guessing, but you don't have any of the things people are most worried about in terms of commodity constraints delaying your build. But, the MIC is an issue at the moment for most of us, and Lux could...
  9. Seeing More Bronco Production Scheduling This week

    Supposed to be by end of May for MY21 orders, but with the delays there was some speculation that communication might also get pushed back.
  10. Has anyone with a reservation date of late July or later received their VIN?

    Late reservations getting build dates have almost exclusively (maybe entirely) been priority builds designated by the dealers as such. Ford allowed dealers to have one or a few of these depending on allocation etc.
  11. Email from Ford - How to increase chances of getting your Bronco sooner

    I'd be fine getting it second hand if it came from my dealer. But I keep seeing messages on here from Ford to dealers suggesting they communicate with customers and I have heard nothing from my dealer since I placed my order.
  12. Newest 2021 Bronco Accessories Catalog PRICE LIST 💰

    And the only ones for 33s are the dealer ones. No thanks.
  13. Delivery Estimate Poll

    There's a Bronco event near Boston on May 20th?
  14. A word of warning to those who may not fully understand what they are getting into

    I think people have been comparing to the new Defender, more so than the Discovery. Which makes sense given the heritage of the Defender, but the new one is basically ... a Discovery. By the time I got done with my build I was approaching Defender pricing, so took a look, but decided I wanted...
  15. MAP Employees Confirm 2021 Bronco Hits Full Production August 2. Job 1 Still Starts May 3

    Which is typically around the time the next model year should be coming out ...
  16. MAP displaying Bronco #675 today, a Cactus Gray Badlands 4-Door MIC Top

    I think this is the first time I've seen my build - 4 dr CG BL with standard wheels and tires. Just add roof rails. Thanks for posting!
  17. 4-door 2.7 engine showing 18.9 mpg

    Because then they couldn't call it "EcoBoost" and pretend it's efficient.

    It's very strange. My dealer assures me I'm within their 2021 allocation, but I'm an August 14 reservation. I have already seen one post about a July 14 or 15 getting pushed to MY22. Seems very weird. I'll believe it when I get my email.