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  1. Meme Thread For Those Still Waiting

    waiting, but still strong
  2. 🙌 Bronco OKTB Issued and Shipments Begin as Ford Celebrates Bronco Production at MAP!

    I’m in the same boat. However the Everglades green looks like a strong second
  3. Anyone receive 6/10 email?

    The only Vin I got today was a crappy box of pinot grigio. At least I'll get a buzz.
  4. Today, 5/28, Ford email will be sent to all unscheduled order holders

    Bad news always comes on a Friday. The Worst news comes on a Friday of a holiday weekend. /just saying
  5. Today, 5/28, Ford email will be sent to all unscheduled order holders

    Oh man, I was so looking forward to sleep tonight.
  6. Mid-Atlantic Bronco Event?

    I was just in Mineral last weekend! Our campground didn't have a rifle range...I'm so THERE!
  7. Mid-Atlantic Bronco Event?

    I'm down but I'm not going to see a Bronco in the driveway until September. I'm right in MD so it isn't too far. Maybe schedule it for next spring? Pro's would be; less cicada's!
  8. The gas shortage.

    Possible scenario (and best for low mpg vehicle owners) is this creates excess supply at points of production. That is not shut down. Once fuel is able to be delivered again there may be an excess. Plus people may be sitting on a pile of gas next to their toilet paper and chicken wings...
  9. THE my Bronco production build date has been DELAYED / MOVED BACK thread

    Our build date was august so as long as it's here by deer season, I'm all good. Besides somone just posted a 96' Bronco for 6k in my neighborhood. May have to scratch that itch! 😛

    I like the look of the MIC tops I’ve been seeing lately. A lot better color than originally shown
  11. Off-Roading with your brand spanking new Bronco?

    I still break in the engine for the first 1k miles Through a range of rpms. guess I’m old school. After that though, it’s muddy!
  12. 4DR Cyber Orange Outer Banks Displayed at MAP

    I’m with you on that call.
  13. 4DR Cyber Orange Outer Banks Displayed at MAP

    Great pics, my build is the 4d BD non squatched so its nice to see some pics!
  14. Heading to a Bronco event? What are you wearing?

    I ordered mine for the whole family. Should be here this week and I got that sweet discount! Thanks!
  15. Didn't Get Your "Scheduled" Email? Special Savings on Bronco Gear for You

    Yesterday my Fam was like :( But thanks to Wide Open Roads, today we are like 🙂
  16. At a Bronco Show Off Event NOW. Drop your questions. I’ll do my best to answer them.

    Why can’t I get matching or even complimentary colors on the interior trim pieces to the exterior colors? you mean my cyber orange BD will have blue trim pieces? Ugh!
  17. Bronco now being displayed on the MAP showcase pedestal

    I feel the same way bro.
  18. Jeep vs Ford - Thoughts, Opinions, Experiences on longevity and durability sought.

    So I've had a 85 CJ and an 07 JKU. The CJ was a much better machine. The 07 had the oil drinking 3.8L engine. 1K miles it would burn 1L oil. I bought it used with 26K on the odo. By the time the problem was determined (bad rings) the vehicle was over 30K and the dealers warranty wouldn't...