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  1. Tried to bump up in line

    Absolutely. I'm already driving a vehicle that I don't 100% want. Why pay more to do the same again? What I've got is "okay" for now and inexpensive enough to make it worth it until Bronco does arrive.
  2. Wild Broncos surround and dwarf a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon! (4-Door Broncos vs 4-Door Wrangler Rubicon)

    Too bad there weren't detail pics comparing the two with the same size tires
  3. Multiple calls this week saying im making a mistake

    I've just stopped replying with words and sending this picture instead:
  4. Adding a hardtop after getting soft top at delivery…

    I almost ordered a soft top for the convenience because I live in an apartment and don't have a personal garage but noticed every Wrangler I saw had a hard top and talked to a few people in this area. Sold me on the hard top for CO immediately.
  5. URE (Uwharrie) Bronco Weekend get-together?

    Don't live there but work nearby sometimes. If I happen to be around, I'd love to play passenger! Took my bike through last time I was there.
  6. Apple CarPlay Garage Opener?

    Combining wireless Android Auto and the wireless charging pad is a big part of what pushed me to Lux. If I'm just going to have to plug in to charge anyway!
  7. Idaho Bronco Event May 1st

    So probably the same ones coming to Denver on the 30th
  8. What age spectrum do we have here reserving / ordering these sweet Broncos ?

    Aw man, I'll be in a different bracket by the time I can actually pick it up! ... guess I'll pick that one
  9. Any Dash-cam suggestions for Bronco? Can I use Bronco camera as Dash-cam?

    Blackvue cameras offer this feature with "parking mode" My only issue with BlackVue has been that the microSD is not easy to take out and the wifi is slow (if you opt out of using their cloud environment). In addition to ease of SD removal, I liked my old VIOFO better because I could press a...
  10. Poll for Intended Length of Ownership

    I voted 4-6 just because I know myself too well...I intend to keep it for longer but I've said that a few times now... Honestly wish I still had that Canyon at this point...stupid diesel fuel faults. 2002 Nissan Xterra - Mar 2010 to April 2012 2011 MINI Cooper S- May 2011 to Oct 2012 1975...
  11. 10 Things I Hate About The New Bronco

    I actually thought the options were relatively simple... ever try to B&P an F-150? F-that
  12. DORA order shows code 99!

    Yup, directly under where the priority code is printed
  13. DORA order shows code 99!

    It's inline with what looks like the invoice pricing column so I can imagine they may have purposefully left out that side of the sheet.
  14. What other not so common accessories are you going to add?

    This was legitimately the main reason I went with the 2.7AT instead of the 2.3MT. For me, that fold down table is a must. I will probably be finding a solution for either mounting bikes in the rear or getting a swing adapter for my Kuat rack.
  15. Brown Color for 2022?

    I used to have a bronze Canyon. I'd rock this color on something again in the future.