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  1. Fuel economy - What will you be happy with?

    Cars aren’t ruining the environment
  2. Fuel economy - What will you be happy with?

    I get 12mpg now with premium fuel in my off road vehicle so I’ll be happy with whatever they give me
  3. Who is planning a lot of aftermarket modifications?

    Better sliders, front/rear bumpers, winch, lights, 37” tires, new wheels, tint, ceramic coating, seat covers, refrigerator, tune, fenders, aftermarket grill, shoe rack, fire extinguisher, possibly exhaust if I like any of them. Stereo if stock is underwhelming. I’ll do the suspension once...
  4. Your first 2021 Bronco mods will be?

    New wheels and 37s. Will probably wait a bit for new bumpers until I destroy what comes on it and more options are available. Lights for the rear and underneath. I can always see just fine in front. Probably some audio unless the factory surprises
  5. What accessories do you plan on getting?

    I’ll do lighting front and rear, flat purple wrap, bumpers, speakers, 37’s, interior lighting unless stock is bright enough, retractable side steps/rock rails, and possibly winch. After I get a feel for the interior I may gut the interior and go fully custom
  6. I hope I can order the Sasquatch with regular fender flares - pics

    I like the look of the narrow but like my paint better. These kind of tires will throw up rocks and mud everywhere. Other people’s cars will take damage as well with the small fenders
  7. Legal and illegal Bronco modifications

    Considering the atrocity that is the “Carolina squat” is legal here there isn’t anything you can do to your vehicle that’s considered illegal in South Carolina. Just have to have lights. Beyond that anything is fair game. We have no inspections and I see the Carolina squat kids driving trucks...
  8. Back to Badlands! Changed from Wildtrak /Upgrades.. How about you?

    Wildtrak I believe. I want to see the real interiors before ordering. I can change anything else without much trouble
  9. Sasquatch for daily driver?

    I’ll be putting 37s on mine before taking it home and I’ll daily drive it. Had 37’s on a defender with about half the power and it was fine. I’m not trying to drive a Cadillac
  10. Built in the USA-How important is it for you?

    My clothes, boots, cars, toiletries, basically anything I can possibly buy is American made. I buy my groceries from farmer’s markets and local butchers. The company that makes most of my clothes sources their material from foreign countries for the most part as they make better stuff but hand...
  11. Sustainability and Longevity (100K+ miles)

    I’ve had new cars since I was fifteen and only one didn’t make it to 100k and that was due to a wreck. Almost every vehicle with proper maintenance these days easily lasts 100k. I have had two different land rovers that people claim are unreliable as it gets and the only problem I had was the...
  12. Understanding the Bronco buyer landscape (Part II): 2 door vs. 4 door

    Four door. No kids yet but I like space, the ability for the doors to fit in the back, and the look of a four door. I’m claustrophobic so the bigger the better
  13. Sasquatch for daily driver?

    I daily drove a land rover on 35’s for five years. This will drive better on 35’s than the land rover did. I never regeared but didn’t have any problems
  14. Refusing “Mandatory” dealer add-ons?

    When I bought my Daytona Charger the dealer agreed no add ons or dealership sticker when I ordered. I go to pick it up and right on the rear bumper an obnoxious dealer sticker was glaring at me. I left. They called me back and finally agreed to pay to have it removed and detailed by a...
  15. Let’s talk front license plate

    When I was in college we went to Colorado and I was pulled over for no front plate even though my state did not require it. Cop creeped me out when he mentioned seeing us load up a lot of beer earlier in the day and asked if I’d been drinking. We were in Gunnison and I guess he saw us getting...
  16. Badlands Bronco Thread

    I don’t care about the 35” tires. I’ll go to 37 either way so the Badlands is a perfect start. Can swap the fenders in five minutes so the Sasquatch would be a complete waste of money. Aftermarket will provide an upgraded suspension setup
  17. Anyone else worried about falling in love with this vehicle.....

    GF had a 2019 4runner. It was a POS. Just an awful ancient transmission in a 4runner that kills it. Traded it for a new Land Rover and that drives a billion times better. Get the 2.7 eb and with the 10speed it will drive ten times better than a POS 4runner
  18. Now 300 Bronco Accessories!!

    Anybody ever hear what Marmot is making for the Bronco? I’d love a Marmot Bronco jacket
  19. To Rubberized/Vinyl or not, that is the question?

    I’m going with leather with seat covers for the days that I need them or will have the top off for an extended time. Hopefully I can keep the rubber floor with leather seats. Much easier to keep a rubber floor clean and not have to worry about spills.
  20. Explain your choice. Tell us what model you chose and why!

    2 door orange Wildtrak for me. I don’t do any rock crawling so I didn’t need the armor or sway disconnect. Don’t have kids so don’t need 4 doors. Rather save that weight and have the factory 35s and 2.7. So many people armor up their rigs yet never need that armor and make their ride slower...