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  1. Ford Protect Purchase Poll

    Premium or nothing.
  2. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    Stow that knowledgeable stuff sailor. Someone bet me $1.00 it couldn't be easily done. Challenge accepted.
  3. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    That was a route I looked at but think it may be a no-go because the parts catalogue shows many different rear harness configurations with or without tow. The other big obstacle is the workshop manual shows BCM and BCM-C have no user configurable settings. We had a customer put larger tires on...
  4. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    So here's the plan. The red circled area is the left tail light connector inside the vehicle, there is one on right side. Would need to tap into both sides to get signals. Blue circle is where the factory trailer tow module would sit. If the wiring is there I can get power for battery charge...
  5. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    If I can come up with a simple solution to tap into the molex connectors, yes. If not, will just have to use a t-tap on the wires to the rear lights. I hate cutting/piercing factory wires but this would be the easiest solution for folks that aren't real proficient with wire splicing and soldering.
  6. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    This is my plan less the 4/7 not shown. Ford trailer light converter, Amazon Pollak whip, tap into rear lights and go down through a body grommet on the left rear corner.
  7. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    Fairly sure this is the converter Ford is rebranding as their own. It's very important that if you are going to do this get one that works with standard bulbs AND PWM LEDs.
  8. Retrofit Wireless Cellphone Charging Pad? Tap into the mirror switch like they did in the diagram and find a ground wire. Voila
  9. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    From what I've seen so far, cooler is same on tow and non-tow. Parts list may not reflect differences yet but all I can see is one for 2.3 on the trans and the 2.7 under the radiator area.
  10. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    Turn, stop and park lights all come straight out of the BCM, body control module under the left side of the dash, through a few connectors and splice to the rear lights.
  11. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    That's part of the problem, it doesn't call out the differences. I'm down to connector level comparison. Unfortunately, the parts system shows multiple rear options, with and without tow. By that, I'm assuming the main running from the front does not include wiring that would have fed the...
  12. flip

    Indiana Bronco

    @Hoosier.Bronco Guess who had their FCTP, 2d BB, mid, SAS, Race Red, 2.7, Auto, MIC produced yesterday? Hopefully we are within 2-3 weeks for delivery then the fun can begin. As I may have mentioned before, I will post updates when it gets here and we have a chance to install the accessories...
  13. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    The factory wiring diagrams don't differentiate between with tow or without (at least not right now). Looking in the parts system there are dozens of options for the rear harness with or without tow, 2 or 4 door, audio system, sway bar disconnect, etc. Most F150s, even without factory tow will...
  14. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    That $500 number would be list price for all the hardware needed. The Ford Accessory Trailer Tow kit did not include the module, 4/7 plug or wiring. The plan is to cut the flat 4 off the module and wire it to the pigtail. You would basically need to supply the labor and maybe some butt...
  15. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    Ok, so what I'm trying to do is come up with a "kit" to add the hitch, factory trailer plug and trailer light adapter so we can have at least turn and stop. No trailer brake function at this time. Ford hitch- MB3Z-17D826-A not showing list today but I think it was about $245.00 a few weeks ago...
  16. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    I ordered 10 kits thinking the trailer plug was included, it’s not. Just the hitch, 4 long bolts, plug bracket and 2 bracket bolts. I can order everything individually cheaper than the kit and get the plug. Something not right, need to check with my accessory peeps tomorrow.
  17. 2021 Bronco Parts Department Catalog Is Up!

    I think it's KB3Z-1015-D 7.5 X 17 Steel Wheel and M2DZ-1130-A for Cover-Wheel. Neither show pricing which usually means none in stock right now. Entirely possible these part numbers change or supersede at some point.