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  1. Runners - What's your favorite distance?

    Before covid hit, I was logging ~75 mi/wk in preparation for Snoqualmie, Eugene, chi-town, and NY marathons -- was hoping for a BQ. Since 2020 has been 2020, I've transcended into logging about 75 wpm on the keyboard trolling Bronco forums while spinning on the Peloton ?
  2. Donut Door Dreams Aren't Dead!

  3. What are you giving up to get a Bronco ?

    Don't take this the wrong way because I really do mean it in a big brother, sincere loving way: But, you're an idiot. - Sincerely, icavedin Again, please know that I'm saying this in a lookin out for you type of ting kinda way -- don't fkn do it mate.
  4. Thinking of giving up my reservation because...

    In my completely unbiased opinion considering I’m a yotahead, take the money saved from the Bronco and throw it @ the FJ to make it DD-able. Then flip on BaT, buy 3 base broncos, profit?? ? To further support my objective, non-jaded opinion — this owner would also love to see said photos of...
  5. Rock lights. Worth it getting installed from factory?

    hot take: rock lights are the wheeler bro equivalent of JDM cars running bright red tow hooks.
  6. Rock lights. Worth it getting installed from factory?

    This greatly depends on the mood of your Sales Advisor and relationship with Internal Service Writer. When I worked @ BMW, I saw them get away with charging for a damn front license plate bracket install. sidenote and not a dig: OP if you have to ask about rock lights, you probably don’t need...
  7. Anyone look at the New Land Rover Defender ????

    TFL's base Defender doesn't seem to be faring very well so far -- they've owned theirs 2 weeks so far and have only driven it 2 days; been in the dealership the rest of the time. Could be a lemon or could be per the norm; I'd study their latest videos to make an informed decision about new...
  8. More Interior Options & Colors -- Ford CEO Farley is listening to Bronco6g members!

    Need more @pan-y-cerveza ITT to explain to everyone it’s too damn late for any MY21 changes.
  9. The slide out tail gate

    : ) - Jim Farley, probably
  10. ATTN: Standard Transmission Base Buyers

    DO NOT PLAY GAMES W/ ME DUDE IM SENSITIVE AND DROWNIN IN WORK which is why I’m now distracting myself. Plus it’s cold outside and I’m a little bit*h. But in all seriousness, I get your point and should take your word for it.
  11. ATTN: Standard Transmission Base Buyers

    Nail, meet head — damn you’re eloquent.
  12. ATTN: Standard Transmission Base Buyers

    Perhaps this is just me acting as the 'Voice of Consumer' from Bronco6g as the vast majority here seem to be confused as to what they're going to receive as a final product. This seems a bit strange to me and I think is getting into my head. Or perhaps I need to take a break from the forums and...
  13. ATTN: Standard Transmission Base Buyers

    Right and I totally get that. Definitely trying to compartmentalize the two divisions, but the more I think about it; I almost start to frame it in my head as all encompassing. Because FoMoCo made the decision to hire all these people, right? And as a company; they should be performing at a...
  14. ATTN: Standard Transmission Base Buyers

    Before you jump @ me for creating another thread, this topic hasn't been specifically discussed at length just yet. So for me and *I think* a few others, this rollout finally reached the point last night of being a bit underwhelming and has started to make me question QA issues from actual...
  15. Bronco Event in Seattle Tomorrow (10/23) -- Filson Firecrew Rig at the Filson Store

    How about a selfie of you and Rick so I can live even more vicariously through you fine specimen? Sidebar: these live updates are unreal..keep up the solid work!
  16. Bronco Event in Seattle Tomorrow (10/23) -- Filson Firecrew Rig at the Filson Store

    Fuck me - I somehow won't make this @Rick Astley and @damarble. Got assigned a project this morning due by EOD and thought I'd be done by now :confused: was really looking forward to meetin ya guys. Kudos to you marble for trekking out all the way from Spokane tho - jesus mate.
  17. Base Model Bronco Thread

    wait a minute...dude you stole my car.
  18. 2021 Bronco BUILD & PRICE Configurator Is Finally Live (For Real)!! Share your build inside.

    welp guess I'm done -- that was underwhelming ? time to go live life now.
  19. Announcement: MIC Hardtop Option Only Initially. Black Painted Modular Hardtop Will Be Late Availability

    Self-inflicting post inferring females being ‘weak’ and having the foresight that you’ve been waiting for years on end for a pre-production model that wasn’t introduced until a few months ago? All in one post to boot? nice