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  1. Folding cloth top...highway speed capable?

    No issues with my 2012 JK at 80mph
  2. I bought a hold-me-over vehicle today

    Nice!! But Motorcycle are the best holder me overs!!
  3. They should offer hardtop retrofit kit (with connection / switches preinstalled)

    Let’s us use the Ford cash to buy a softy top, have wiring setup for hard top and take delivery of first edition with soft top, wait for hard top delivery.
  4. ⛑ Ford effectively assumes operational control of Webasto's Plymouth plant to help resolve Bronco top supply issue

    I don’t know the history between Webasto and Ford but this issue should’ve been caught during the RFP process. No excuses Ford. Give all FE holders a soft top with the wiring setup for a hard top.
  5. ⚡️ 2022 F-150 LIGHTNING EV Specs, Pricing, Pics!

    The perfect name doesn’t Exi——- Lightning
  6. Toyota Tacoma .. issues

    Let’s be honest Toyota has a big following and their only competition was Jeep. Now they need to step up their game since the Bronco launched. Did they wait too long, probably. Do they have the resources/talent to come up with a redesign that will compete with the Bronco? Word on the street...
  7. First wild sighting: Painted Black Mod Top on 2021 Bronco

    Ouch, that’s a weird look.
  8. No Broncos scheduled this week.

    Is what it is now. I basically have until October to take delivery otherwise I’m out 😢
  9. Email from Ford - How to increase chances of getting your Bronco sooner

    Why do we need to keep guessing? This might be a moving target but Ford knows what their true capacity is for the remainder of the year based off MRP? This will be a tough pill to swallow for most but let’s start managing expectations- Ford should email every reservation holder and give them a...
  10. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Hopefully I can get mine by October.
  11. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Thanks. I’m behind on the Bronco news and just saw MAP is down for 2 wks. Hopefully FEs are still 21MY
  12. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Isn’t today the day for another round of emails? Nothing yet for me 4dr CG Black interior Keyless entry
  13. First Edition Bronco Thread

    No email here, not a big deal, I just need it before Oct.
  14. First Edition Bronco Thread

    No email yet. 4dr CG black interior
  15. Got my VIN Number! Anyone else?

    Picture or it didn’t happen.
  16. Does anyone plan to put their 2021 for sale?

    I have early delivery for both my orders and will be selling one at the right price. 4 dr area 51 Wildtrack 4 dr CG first edition
  17. Custom Bronco Builds from RTR, ARB and 4 Wheel Parts Showcase Aftermarket Off-Road Parts & Accessories

    4WP decal is the winner here everything else is meh, really missed the creativity factor on all these.
  18. Custom Bronco Builds from RTR, ARB and 4 Wheel Parts Showcase Aftermarket Off-Road Parts & Accessories

    Yeah that decal is cold. I bet it will be on a heritage model
  19. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Auction day!!! Who’s going to flip their FE once we see someone paying $500k for 001v