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  1. “Your Bronco Has Been Built” Status Thread! 🤩

    Congrats to all golden ticket winners!
  2. Well, I made the big change

    Can't believe in anything these days. Is nothing sacred?!? Now I need to reform my entire opinion of @Lilj4425, my life and really the entire Universe. My compass has been shattered. Hope you get that VIN soon, Jacob!
  3. “Plastic” Interior

    When is the Bronco bespoke trim coming out? I really think a lot of you need to get out of this queue and in line in that queue.
  4. Bronco vs. Suzuki Jimny

    Make it an EV and I'm your huckleberry!
  5. A poll: What is your age group and how many doors did you reserve/order?

    This poll is already a success has a poll. Really though. How many ways are there to ask the same extremely flawed question?
  6. Bronco vs. Suzuki Jimny

    Never fear 4 door fans! Jimny has you covered.
  7. POLL/PETITION: Keep AMB for MY22

    A vehicle marketed as a ‘lifestyle’ vehicle should have unique, bold colors. Just say no to sharing at least some of the Broncos colors with any other Ford vehicle. Rangers and Mavericks in CO and A51 freak me out.
  8. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    I have crunched the numbers in this 8 page 'poll'. Written some python. Done some deep analytics with HAL and... I have concluded that you can't draw any friken conclusions based on just # of doors and age of the poster. It is almost like there are many other variables at play here that...
  9. John Bronco Sells 2022 Bronco Heritage Edition! Previews in Yellowstone and Brittany Blue

    Beth scares the beejeebus out of me.
  10. Just got my Ford Folding Tailgate Table

    1 part down, ~29,999 more parts to go!!!
  11. Bronco "In Production": Day 4 (Ahead of Schedule)

    Trying to visualize what a Real Housewives of Dayton show might be like. Everybody sitting around chillin' wearing Flyer gear? Euchre card sessions between school, Walmart and Skyline runs? Providing kids car service to Kings Island? I think I would have to tune in.
  12. Anyone else feeling relaxed about their Bronco order?

    Those that get a ‘21 will be first and get to enjoy their ride earlier than others. Those that wait or are bumped get minor fixes, new colors, top options and editions. The rare win-win scenario.
  13. Tried to bump up in line

    With the amount of people that are compromising for instant gratification, I bet there is going to be a ton of '21 soft topped Broncos for sale on ebay\craigslist over the next twelve months. All those that can't seem to wait for the build they really want, seem like the same group of people...
  14. Post Your 2021 Bronco Window Stickers! Customer Build Productions Begins on 14th! 🪟

    The lack of familiarity with Canada from posters here, shocks me. You would think ya'll would be better informed about America's hat! Study up on that 'oak' leaf! Our brothers and sisters to the North pay much more attention to their pants!
  15. Las Vegas Raiders Bronco Badlands being auctioned at Barrett Jackson

    This is the first thing I have seen in this entire process that has made me want to cancel my Bronco order.
  16. Mushy brakes?

  17. Ford should offer 0% Financing for 60 months

    You need to start a poll before you even think about graduating to a petition, then a strongly worded tweet to Farley\Levine and if necessary a viral tik tok. We have a process!
  18. ⛑ Ford effectively assumes operational control of Webasto's Plymouth plant to help resolve Bronco top supply issue

    I can only imagine the amount of board room meetings and powerpoints on this topic at Ford and Webesto. At all Corporate levels. Almost none of them useful to solving the problem.
  19. 5/28 Bronco Production Update E-mail & Dealer Insight FAQ 📬

    So the one bone they toss out in the email is.....priority access to the off-roadeo.....for EVERYONE? How would that work? I wonder if they will have to create a 'timestamp' process to order people above all the priority access that they are giving to everyone.