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  1. How are you planning on protecting your bronco once you get it?

    Never been. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But from what I know about it, they're more likely to fight ya' than shoot ya'.
  2. How are you planning on protecting your bronco once you get it?

    Best post of this entire thread. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
  3. How are you planning on protecting your bronco once you get it? think you're some kind of Renaissance man? Clever? Sincere? OP asked a question and that response doesn't fit the parameters of it. "I want advice protecting my Bronco." "Move." "WOAH. I never thought of that! Definitely the most convenient option! Thank you so much for your...
  4. How are you planning on protecting your bronco once you get it?

    Thank you for replying fast enough to record this dude's response before it got deleted. Comedy gold.
  5. How are you planning on protecting your bronco once you get it?

    To the unhelpful people saying to move or murder someone, OP has a great concern and question, which I share. I plan to do dashcams, interior safes, tinting the windows (fun fact: the film keeps the glass together when attempted to be smashed), locking nuts/bolts, etc. I've never had a...
  6. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Honestly, my rookie analysis is just conjecture and I can't really back much of it up. Just educated guesses to try to manage expectations. And it mostly just applies to my situation and dealer. Sorry if I've led you astray. ------ So begins my conspiracy theory nonsense: If I had to drop some...
  7. First Edition Bronco Thread

    I don't understand your question. Two more? My dealer gets two FE's per round of scheduling (first week of each month). This is based off their knowledge and by the fact they only had 2/10 scheduled the first go. So, first round: 1&2/10 Second, (this next upcoming one): 3&4/10 Third, (July...
  8. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Found out from my dealer that I'm #8 in their line of FE's. First two were scheduled in that first round of FR scheduling. Next two will be this next round (this week or next). Then another cycle. (5&6) Then MAYBE mine. So, October might be when I get to sit in my baby. I wanna be...
  9. Boston182

    Bay Area Broncos

    Welp. See you in October I guess? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Boston182

    Bay Area Broncos

    Hey, any information is good. Next week it is! Thanks for the help.
  11. Boston182

    Bay Area Broncos

    Let's try this again: Hey @Gloff any First Editions from the forum getting scheduled this week? :)
  12. Bronco "In Production": Day 4 (Ahead of Schedule)

    I have never felt so seen. Haha. Go figure it took moving across the country to find the fellow Daytonians I'd enjoy. Where were you all when I lived there? This thread turned so unexpectedly awesome.
  13. Bronco "In Production": Day 4 (Ahead of Schedule)

    Saw "Dayton." Read "Daytona." Did a double-take. Dayton's my hometown of 23 years and I'm not used to seeing it referenced... anywhere. Sending mad love from a fellow 937.
  14. First Edition Bronco Thread

    You're talking to a ton of people without a VIN yet, much less a sticker. You might wanna start running...
  15. Bronco with a Cummins???

    Because some people like their cars to be a dick-measuring contest. Diesel is more tough. V8s are more powerful. But both ideas were true in older vehicles/technology and aren't really true or practical anymore Throw all the facts at them about why neither would make sense, work, or happen, but...
  16. First Edition Bronco Thread

    This is all news to me. I had thought FE's all got MOLLE. What's the alternate option? Zippered pouch? I've got a 2-door, black/onyx interior and wanted MOLLE, so I think I'm good. The REAL bait-and-switch was us losing washout interior. That still chaps my ass.
  17. June 2 Email Group!

    If 2020/COVID/supply chain/commodities weren't such a massive factor, I think I'd be inclined to agree with you and be more grumpy about it. But they're doing the best they can with the shitty hand they were dealt: building First Editions as soon as they have the parts. Or so it seems.
  18. June 2 Email Group!

    Speaking on behalf of all FE holders, I think we're plenty aware there are going to be manymanymany many people in front of us. We're cool with that. It's our understanding that deadly sins (2 door, Sasquatch, hard top, 2.7L, etc) commodities are what's holding up orders. So if we see a...
  19. June 2 Email Group!

    You're a good man, Tricky Dick. I appreciate it.
  20. 📸: MAP Bronco of the day - Race Red Badlands 2-Door + few others.

    Seeing my exact build behind bars has me like...