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  1. 2022 Tundra

    I don’t like the look. I hope they went with a full frame and not just a C frame like my 17 pro had. That thing would constantly flex and make noise so I traded it in. The 4 runner and Tacoma had a good solid frame.
  2. Please EVERYBODY vote! [Q: Do you have a VIN/build date for your order?]

    Made reservation 12 hours after reveal. Switched to granger and still no vin. I know there is others with sooner reservations that don’t either and it’s quite the head scratcher.
  3. ⛑ Ford effectively assumes operational control of Webasto's Plymouth plant to help resolve Bronco top supply issue

    Talked with a union carpenter working at one of my schools I take care of and asked how the union was doing, if they had a lot of work. He said yeah but moral was real low. The head of there union was stealing money and got caught. Basically didn’t get in any trouble but was kicked out. The man...
  4. Look what showed up in my driveway yesterday

    Don’t be getting all those speeding tickets at one time. To many might take the smile off your face!!
  5. Jeep is responding to the Sasquatch package

    They are not on the lots yet so time will tell. And I will smoke whatever I want, I thought this was America!!
  6. Jeep is responding to the Sasquatch package

    I hope I am wrong. I wouldn’t have a jeep sitting in the drive if Ford had things figured out!!
  7. Jeep is responding to the Sasquatch package

    They are very bad looking regardless.
  8. Jeep is responding to the Sasquatch package

    I have owned a jk and the wife bought the jl diesel last year. Puts every wrangler to shame with the power. I currently have an Fj cruiser. I like it better on the fire roads and most trails. Looking forward to the bronco as it should be more like my Fj. The only difference would be a lot...
  9. Jeep is responding to the Sasquatch package

    never is a strong word. I see it possibly happening in under 50 years.
  10. Jeep is responding to the Sasquatch package

    you actually have that backwards. Bronco will need some time to get a v-8, diesel, and hybrid option available. I don’t ever see that happening though I wish it would.
  11. Winches - Converting from wire to synthetic.

    if your drum has any imperfections caused by the cable you will want to smooth it out so it won’t damage your rope.
  12. Bronco Retail Arbitrage

    Now that should be a title for a new thread!!
  13. Toyota Tacoma .. issues

    pretty sure the man was in park when he tried putting it into low. It’s supposed to be in neutral. He then jockeys It some more further causing problems with the computer. His son then has to reset the computer by shutting it off and starting over. I had a tundra with no issues and we test...
  14. Toyota Tacoma .. issues

    if it was one of there recent videos the guy didn’t shift it properly into low. Never had a problem going into low with my Fj. I don’t like all the bells and whistles on my vehicles. It’s just more stuff to break.
  15. Duck Duck Jeep

    What sort of backwards back pageantry Is this? I don’t like this one bit.
  16. WTF is Jeep doing?

    There is nothing wrong with the jeep now. The people that don’t buy them don’t need them.
  17. Let’s talk about something SUPER fun: Stadium Super Truck Bronco?

    Not my thing but I agree with super downer on the forum. I hope your post can cheer a few up.