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  1. Well, I made the big change

    If that were wouldn't have piped in with your drivel....
  2. Well, I made the big change

    . That’s bad…but nearly as bad as the 2 door militia justifying their 2 door purchase by telling the 4 door crew what they will and won’t do in their truck…major tools those guys…
  3. About to order. Dealer saying delivery in a few months if I order a soft top.

    The dealer could be right…if he’s got a lot of allocations and very few soft top orders…which is common, then you probably will get it quickly.
  4. “Plastic” Interior

    I like the interior, it's very good for what it is. They only element that I thought was cheap feeling were the interior door handles/pulls. They are ridiculous, but as long as they hold up: no problemo. Everything else is good to go.
  5. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    They already said there would be no price increase for a similarly equipped get your trim lockde down now. Otherwise, Ford is going to increase prices...and they should based on demand.
  6. Bronco on 4" lift with 37s by Maxlider Brothers

    I think the point is you are giving up potential with the 37s by running ridiculous diameter went all the way up there, and now you accept the same sidewall as a 34 on a normal 4x4 wheel? Why handicap yourself if you went to all the trouble of getting to a 37? No one serious about...
  7. Your first 2021 Bronco mods will be?

    Powder coat the Sasquatch trim rings black…or trade with someone who wants the silver ones and has an FE or WT.
  8. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    I’m 49. I am buying a toy to play in off road and overland, and spend most of its time with the top off…I could buy either and make it work, but prefer the 4 door, looks wise and functionality.
  9. Finance vs. Cash?

    Rich people buy with OPM….not their own. You are way off base….

    1) Get Sasquatch. 2) Don’t get 20s. 17s….
  11. First Broncos Built Production Stats -- % of Doors, Tops, Engines, Tow Package, Wildtrak

    The initial take rate for soft top was 7%; but based on the MIC delay, I would bet that has edged up significantly, maybe double that now (it was more than double with my dealer). That said, I wonder if Ford will change allocation to fill open orders for Soft Top, even if a dealer has gotten...
  12. Winch solutions

    I think the answer is a quick detach plate with a hitch mount that goes over the tow hooks on the stock steel bumper. At least that would be an answer for me...then I can winch front or back and keep the winch off until needed. I just don't know if there is enough of a market for someone to make...
  13. Finance vs. Cash?

    ...because based on historical averages, you can make WAY more money staying invested than pulling your cash to buy the car. You pay the bank 3%, and make net 6-7% all the while also having access to that cash should the need arise. It has been explained many times on this thread and...
  14. First Broncos Built Production Stats -- % of Doors, Tops, Engines, Tow Package, Wildtrak

    Wow, another toolbox with tiny pee-pee syndrome joins in….I thought we agreed to move past that.
  15. Finance vs. Cash?

    Then get money somewhere else…my CU has 2.29% for up to 72 months. Money is cheap right now….and I still would bet Ford is somewhat competitive with whatever rate you can get from your bank. They won’t offer the 0% deal, but probably under or around 3%. Still well worth it.
  16. First Broncos Built Production Stats -- % of Doors, Tops, Engines, Tow Package, Wildtrak

    You’ll see more 4 doors in the trail without question, if Wrangler is any indication, and by pure number alone. You tell me about the mall…I won’t know on that one. You seem fascinated with it so give us the scoop.
  17. First Broncos Built Production Stats -- % of Doors, Tops, Engines, Tow Package, Wildtrak

    We shall see…the trend toward 4 doors has been decades long…I don’t think it’s a trend anymore, it’s a permanent move. Even most guys who build Jeeps to go off road build 4 doors these days. To each his own…but the 4 door Bronco crushes the 4 door Jeep in looks…and watch this video and tell me...
  18. First Broncos Built Production Stats -- % of Doors, Tops, Engines, Tow Package, Wildtrak

    Oh, you’re just one of “them”….I like the 4 door better but I’m happy others get to buy what they want. I’d be a huge tool to think otherwise….
  19. Is Sasquatch an afterthought from Ford?

    I guess you mean the "bats" who worked at the lab in Wuhan....