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  1. TNBronc4344

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    I have two reservations on Day three. I went with Stephens so based on what I wanted in both I pushed to 2022. I waited this long so I can wait 6 more months to get exactly what I want. Glad you guys are getting build dates though. Enjoy them guys. Excited to get mine for sure
  2. 7 speed Manual Transmission more reliable long term

    I ordered the MT because I have always loved rowing gears and they are a dying breed. I have nothing against an AT. Yes I have had several fail over my life but generally they are reliable. And I agree with most an AT off road , rock climbing would be easier than a MT. And I’ll be losing out on...
  3. 2 Door Wildtrak Bronco in Shadow Black at my Dealer Today

    I’ve got an Area 51 2 door Badlands SAS. But I waited till 22 so I could get the black Mod Roof. I was thinking the same thing.....order the black rings and black grill.
  4. Broadicustomworks recap of the 2nd Supercell East April 2021

    I’m not too far from you. Right over the mountain in Kingsport TN. I’m getting Area 51 SAS Badlands. I wanted the BD but they won’t sell me a manual with high package.
  5. My thoughts after my Sasquatch 2.3L ride at Bronco Super Celebration

    Great feedback and write up. I had a ride scheduled and work screwed me out of it unfortunately......but I guess I need the job if I’m going to pay for this beautiful thing. You mentioned East Tennessee. Where about? I only mention because I like e in the Tri Cities and I’ve got a 2 door...
  6. 360 video: Race Red Badlands Sasquatch with new brush guard / bull bar at @ MAP

    Try as I may I just can’t get on board with the look of the bar. I really want to like it but I don’t think it looks good on the Bronco IMO.
  7. TNBronc4344

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    Yes and email with the scheduled time
  8. TNBronc4344

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    I’m not sure but I don’t think so. It asked for reservation number. Might want to ask them though.
  9. TNBronc4344

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    I’m Signed up for ride at 9 on Weds
  10. Iconic Silver Outer Banks Sasquatch 4-Door @ Atlanta Show w/ Navy Pier Rear Seat Folded

    I love those wheels. First thing I want to do is swap out the warm alloy ring for black on my BL
  11. Granger Ford converted my 2021 reservation into a 2022 order without contacting me. This happen to anyone else?

    Thanks. Yeah it’s crazy but soooo many people reserved in front of me and the take rate is really high. And I went with Stephens (and very happy with that even now) before really understanding the allocation formula. And so many others with time stamps before mine took the Stephens deal as well...
  12. Granger Ford converted my 2021 reservation into a 2022 order without contacting me. This happen to anyone else?

    Wow. That sucks and I’m sorry. Hopefully Granger makes this right somehow. I’m a day 3 reservation at Stephens so I’m a 22 anyway but I feel for you. Good luck.
  13. Bronco model misconceptions

    I do love those black wheels.
  14. A Note to the 2-Door Brigade: We Get It Already!!!

    I am in the 2 door camp but I can see why frustrations are out there........some of my fellow 2door enthusiasts are quick throw shade on the four door brothers and sisters. I for one love them both. I think the four door looks better with doors and roof off but the two door with everything on...
  15. 2DR Velocity Blue Badlands with Bushwacker pocket fender flares

    I really do not like those flares. 🤢
  16. Front license plate mount location closeup pic

    Likewise. Thank you Tennessee
  17. TN GA NC folks get in here

    I’m doing the exact same.
  18. TN GA NC folks get in here

    East Tenn here. I’m in for that