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  1. Bronco production line equipment suffers fire

    Just another bad omen which surrounds this vehicle.
  2. Newer MIC top has slightly darker look

    I’m surprised Area 51 is so popular.
  3. Newer MIC top has slightly darker look

    F Five years and the one on the right will look like the one on the left.
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    Trying to talk her into Lunar Rock but she really like white. We have until Feb 15th to decide.
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    This is my 2019 TRD Pro and I have already ordered the 2021. I work for Toyota and get a new one every two years including auto insurance so it’s a no brainer.
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    Ordered my wife’s third 4Runner today. Goodbye Bronco.
  7. what exactly is the point of the Wildtrack?

    When I build a BLs with the standard options WT comes with, the BLs is more.
  8. What exactly is the benefit to choosing to wait for MY22?

    Hopefully a lot of quality issues will be addressed.
  9. Ford confirms delay of hundreds of 2021 Mustang Mach-E deliveries for quality review

    This is why I’m pulling my reservation. I have a bad feeling.
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    I am on my second one and love them.
  12. Jackpot! Bronco Black Diamond (Iconic Silver) seen up close & personal this morning

    Do not like the steelies, but thank you for the pictures.
  13. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    My A plan takes it down to $69,000. Still crazy.
  14. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    I looked at a F250 Tremer, over $77,000.
  15. Is it time for Ford to build a 4Runner Competitor?

    Yes a new 4Runner is on the horizon and will still be body on frame. There is a reason 4Runner has dominated for so many years, quality. I’m waiting to see if Toyota will bring the FJ back to the states once they see how Bronco does.
  16. Levine: new Bronco colors coming in 2022

    Too little too late.
  17. Two sleeping beauties waiting for Prince(ss) Charming

    T Theres one like that down the street from me in a barn.
  18. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    I’m about to cross that line as well. I’m just tired of all the crap with delays and all the pricing and option changes. I also believe the 2021, if it ever comes out, will have loads of issues. Maybe down the road someday. I have two reservations from 7/24.