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  1. Video - 2 Door Oxford White Badlands w/ Optional Wheels + MIC top

    I can not wait ... to get my hands on mine . Thanks for posting
  2. Accessory addons not showing up in “track my order”?

    Yea any accessories or parts that are dealer installed and not installed directly from factory, may not show because you may be seeing the specs from manu and not all together . Just check with your dealer and I’d ask for another final printout now that you got a ViN
  3. Today, 5/28, Ford email will be sent to all unscheduled order holders

    Sounds the most likely.. Everyone’s assuming this is solely a mass ‘You’re getting a 22’ email but to me that would make no sense if they’re still not done sending out the ‘your build has been scheduled’ for 21 emails.. Guess we’ll see around 2 .
  4. Easter eggs, stop spoiling them!

    Unpopular opinion but I actually agree.. It was nice to know they're around the vehicle, but to already know what and where - takes a little fun out of us finding them ourselves. They really do go out of their way to point out as many easter eggs as possible and I think it just straight up...
  5. Today at Montrose Ford (OH): 2-Door Wildtrak with doors off

    Not counting it out til it’s been done/tried !
  6. Last Minute Changes?

    judging by the one I saw in person, no. It is darker than it looks in a picture however each body paint can make the MIC look different shades. For example, maybe the MIC only looked as dark as it did because it was an Iconic Silver paint. Maybe it looks lighter with Shadow Black, etc
  7. Today at Montrose Ford (OH): 2-Door Wildtrak with doors off

    On my Would be nice list !
  8. Pics of 2021 Broncos in MAP holding yard area. Any requests for pictures?

    It really does , wasn’t expecting it to look so good
  9. Pics of 2021 Broncos in MAP holding yard area. Any requests for pictures?

    only one I’ve been able to spot below I’ll add more below if/when I find Edit:
  10. Pics of 2021 Broncos in MAP holding yard area. Any requests for pictures?

    It’s going to be such a sense of pride when we finally get this thing man .. It kind of already feels that way, can’t wait for mine even more after seeing them all cooped in the stable !
  11. 2-Door Bronco Badlands - Cargo Space Pictures & Video

    My exact thoughts.. I really just want to remove my back seats all together as I will rarely need them more than I need that entire space . I don't think it's still been proven 100% that the rear seats aren't removable.? Would find that hard to believe in such a modular vehicle.
  12. Code 99

    I believe the MIC top constraint is only for 4dr..? Last I was told is because MIC is standard on 2 dr there's no delay. Because soft top is standard on 4 dr and alot have opted for mic, there are the constraints..
  13. Flying debris when going top off?

    I think some have been waiting too long.. now we're coming up with all kinds of things to worry about. I wouldn't worry about certain things until we experience the Bronco ourselves. The Bronco will also sit higher than most convertibles that may have been similar to your friends.. Regardless...
  14. Antimatter Blue or Carbonized grey ???

    These were my two initial color choices after Xing off VB. CarbGrey all day imo. The AMB truly is a beautiful chameleon color, just gorgeous...when it's clean. Even without sunlight, yes it looks black but its still a good-looking "black" my issue is it's hard to keep those darker deep colors...
  15. 🍍 Pineapple For Scale

    Who’s the one who used a banana for reference last time..? well this takes the cake..!
  16. My Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas - Pics & Video

    I’m a fellow GABronco myself we should meet up after delivery! I know at least one other right now also waiting for his Bronco! & North GA & Cherokee NC would’ve been PERFECT
  17. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Wish that was an option on the Base I would’ve added it for sure
  18. Antenna is Removable!

    I noticed a lot about that area at my dealer event May 12th but didn’t post because I figured there just had to be a slew of that talk on here already but guess not? But I never even considered that it wasn’t removable I just always knew I was going to replace it with a stubby. However what I...
  19. Bronco Backs Up Hell's Gate!

    If you’ve ever tried to live like the locals and take their shuttle buses, they drive around the corners and little roads doing 80! 😅
  20. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Just to have one less thing to immediately do when I get mines.. I’ll already be getting new tires and wheels (at least $1,100) put on a day after delivery so not having to worry about changing or adding tint would’ve been nice. I actually have seen some Bases non Sas yesterday with a slight...