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  1. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    I'm 27, single, no kids and no plans for them, and ordered a 4 door. 4 door has superior looks and proportions. I also love being able to pile a bunch of friends into my vehicles so the 4 door works better for my needs. It will also drive nicer and hold more shit. It's going to be an...
  2. Just got my Ford Folding Tailgate Table

    Well you say that buuut.....
  3. First Edition Bronco Thread

    When specs were initially released the FE page clearly said it had molle panels. Just another example of Ford being incompetent and/or lying.
  4. I got my Bronco today

    Meanwhile, mine is on backorder 🤦 How's she run?
  5. Bronco Pickup Hinted by Sighting of Ford Testing a Jeep Gladiator?

    Why exactly does anyone want a Bronco pickup when the soon to be refreshed Ranger, which shares the Bronco platform, exists?
  6. Be careful out there.

    We'll see someone use this excuse in the future. Guaranteed.
  7. White (Unfinished MOD) Top Spotted

    Man that just looks awful
  8. I bought a hold-me-over vehicle today

    There are no tracks in Alaska ☹
  9. 2nd choice paint option

    I may have gone carb gray if it had been an FE option. (Ordered rapid red)
  10. 2nd choice paint option

    Poles, you say?
  11. I bought a hold-me-over vehicle today

    This motor is so intoxicating I don't see myself getting bored with it, but I agree otherwise. It's such a wildly impractical car for where I live, but I've been itching for something different for a while and with all the delays I needed something. Gonna be a fun 4ish months
  12. I bought a hold-me-over vehicle today

    Shoot, I didn't even count. I buy vehicles I think are fun regardless of how many frosty beverages they can or cannot hold 😂
  13. I bought a hold-me-over vehicle today

    They absolutely would be. Unfortunately I'm not totally made of money 😥.
  14. I bought a hold-me-over vehicle today

    Everything available for 2019 I think. Tech package, handling package, Cup 2s, and of course that sweet, sweet, Voodoo motor. I'm in love
  15. How long do I have to wait after my bronco is built?

    Talked to Kendall about this yesterday. He said expect 2 months, maybe a little less if we're lucky.
  16. I bought a hold-me-over vehicle today

    Whoops Traded in the RS this morning, just couldn't help myself. Probably gonna lose my ass when I swap this thing for a Bronco in 4 months 🤣 Oh well, can't take it with ya. It's a 2019 with 2,100 miles on it.
  17. Look what showed up in my driveway yesterday

    Nice ride. So much unnecessary Jeep hate on this board. The new ones look great and the only way it looks like the same vehicle as one from 10 or 20 years ago is if you're half blind. Half this board is pissed they couldn't get a tacky white roof and colors from 1972 and the new Bronco somehow...
  18. BRONCO In lights

    Eww rice.
  19. First Edition hard top

    Well this thread oughtta ruffle some feathers... I do agree though, since us and Wildtrak buyers are the only ones who don't even get a choice.