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  1. Finance vs. Cash?

    I agree with Doug. This is the same reason I haven't paid off my student loans in full. I realize last year was an outlier but I made some good money in the stock market with money that would have otherwise gone to student loans. Can't beat a low interest rate.
  2. LIVE Q&A with 4WP - Thursday 6/17 @ 4PM PST

    Tip: Don’t call it a Q&A if you’re not going to go through questions and answer them.
  3. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    The size of the fuel tank is a big factor too, but I'm going to suffer with the 17 gallon tank.
  4. Retrofit Wireless Cellphone Charging Pad?

    True, but it shouldn't be too difficult to hide a cord and make it look decent.
  5. The Morning After: Bronco Production News Update and Notes [June 16]

    Yeah, as soon as the MOD top wasn't going to be available they should have offered a soft top for the 2 door. Now if I want a MY2021 and a MOD top I have to get the MIC top and end up with 2 tops. And I won't be able to sell the MIC top unless someone wants to downgrade from a MOD to MIC in the...
  6. Retrofit Wireless Cellphone Charging Pad?

    It would be easier, and I personally think would be a better look/solution, to get a magnetic phone holder that doubles as a wireless charger for the BYOD rail on the dashboard.
  7. First Bronco bolt accessory -- phone holder by Tackform

    How to ugly up your $50k Bronco for only $59.99!
  8. Jeep offering Gorilla Glass windshields for JL / JT

    I would definitely add this in the aftermarket if it's available.
  9. Black 2 Door WildTrak spotted in Ohio

    That was the old "zoom in as much as I can with an iPhone from the end of the driveway before he let us come see it up close" photo. Lol
  10. Black 2 Door WildTrak spotted in Ohio

    I'm pretty sure I took this photo as he was unlocking it and that's why they are amber.
  11. Black 2 Door WildTrak spotted in Ohio

    The owner works for Ford Marketing. Said he has to return it for a Maverick soon. Poor guy. Lol
  12. Black 2 Door WildTrak spotted in Ohio

    It may or may not have been in Willoughby. 😉
  13. Black 2 Door WildTrak spotted in Ohio

    In Cleveland for a wedding. Drove by this beauty and had to stop.
  14. I can't believe I snagged this! IT ONLY TOOK 25 YEARS!!!

    Thank the lord this isn't going on a Sport. Lol
  15. Let's talk coolers

    I think they have a fridge but I’m not sure if it doubles as a cooler like this one.
  16. Who loves the bronco but not people?!

    I love the Bronco but hate Ford. Close enough?
  17. Different mod bumper end caps for SAS and badlands?!

    Pretty sure they are the same. The regular fender flares are flush with the bumper. SAS flares stick out.
  18. Flare theft deterrence

    ...because there is no market for them yet.