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  1. Broncos showing up at dealers

    Lol. Every other week it’s the same bs here at B6G. all the OGs leave and here come the same comments from last week This is why I don’t come here much any more 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😳😳😳😳😳
  2. 37s fit on a stock BADLANDS! But can't offroad 🤦🏻‍♂️

    BN posted too. Not interesting to me. but nothing has interested me since I sat in the bronco is April.
  3. Who loves the bronco but not people?!

    My ‘71 el Camino brings all the old folks out ;) I love it
  4. Tacoma vs Bronco - what am I missing

    Don’t get much out of ‘tuning’ an naturally aspirated engine. Versus tuning a forced induction engine.
  5. Best wrangler forum?

    Thank you! Ps for the wifey.
  6. Best wrangler forum?

    I have a similar question. Can anyone recommend a Range Rover forum? Picking up a 2012 RRS
  7. Colorado Bronco Stadium Event

    Exactly this. All of the western seaboard then the Mtn states. Can you imagine the same questions that many times at each stop? b6g nerds and the dichotomy with folks that know nothing. and there is no good production news to be had and share at the stops
  8. trade in values exploding

    My experience! My wife has a 2019 Toyota Highlander SE with 24.5k on the clock. I have 11 months left on the lease and buy out plus remaining payments is $31.5k. Carvana quote: $32k Toyota dealer quote: $33k Carmax: $36.2k!!!!!! done, online appraisal, in person verification, called Toyota...
  9. Transfer B4 3/19 = 3% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    That’s what I was thinking. With an electric vehicle. A cross country is much more challenging. Just want to have him lay it out for a buddy who’s jnterested
  10. Who else is letting Ford buy them a Bronco (stock market play)

    ditto! Bought at 6 some odd in July for X plan :) haha doubled my position on “accident”.
  11. ⚡️ 2022 F-150 LIGHTNING EV Specs, Pricing, Pics!

    Haha I have no interest in this thing. Got caught up in FOMO and went to the reservation site to see what it was like ;0) Ended up making a reservation in 3 clicks since Ford had all my info from my Bronco reservation. of course I went with Granger Iowa :)
  12. 4600 class Broncos in Ultra4 Race @ San Felipe this weekend

    Just came here to share this as well. Rad right? So it is the 2.7. Sounds good to me. also is it same tranny? The one everyone is complaining about?
  13. Can I Fit a 160 pound _______ in the Cargo Area of a 2-Door?

    First 2 door we’ve seen at a dealer event. Cool
  14. 10R60 (not 10R80) 10-speed automatic transmission for 2021 Bronco [update: confirmed in Ford parts system]

    I think he should to. Stick it to Ford for the shitty transmission. Damn you Fooorrrrrd!
  15. Would you consider the Ford Explorer Timberline over Bronco?

    I like it, other than having a 4cyl vs 6cyl. also the interior green looks suspect
  16. New Explorer Timberline. Could this be the "Green Color" for the 22 Bronco?

    Is that video supposed to have any sound? Did it for you? Nothing for me :( Edit: I think it looks great and appreciate the added capabilities. The only bummer is that you can only get the 4cyl with it :(
  17. Ordering for MY 2023

    @Gloff this guy right here
  18. How good OR Bad, will the base Bronco be off-road without Sas and lockers?

    |<———————————>| This good