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  1. 2022 Tundra

    Hideous, like the GM truck grille hideous.
  2. Hey19

    Comment by 'Hey19' in item 'Whitehorse'

    Sold! Bought a 1966 A code Mustang coupe!
  3. It’s here. June 7th - what’s getting built?

    I got a lump of coal... In the meanwhile, I sold my 2019 Mustang GT and bought an "A" code 66 Mustang coupe! Pics coming to the showcase soon.
  4. Traxxas RC Bronco announced. Maybe I can at least get thisto tide me over...

    I’ll most likely get one even if it has too many doors.
  5. 2021 Ford Bronco: Adventure is Calling, Panda is Answering

    Glad to see the aftermarket going nuts over this silly truck!
  6. How good OR Bad, will the base Bronco be off-road without Sas and lockers?

    I threw a 2" leveling kit and 35" tires on my LSD rear/open front F-150 and had a ball in Moab. Only had to get pulled 4 times by my son's Jeep. Go out and enjoy the Base!
  7. I've cracked Ford's reservation and production system

    Click bait. You obviously forgot to carry the 2....
  8. When must Ford provide MPG estimates?

    Don't they have to list it on the window sticker?? I would say we will see the estimated numbers way before first deliveries.
  9. Philadelphia Area Bronco reveal

    I really like the Base/BD grill. Thanks for the pics!
  10. Havent seen or found picatiny rail ..

    4 wheel parts will supposedly offer those.
  11. Red, White and Blue Broncos Spotted at Silver Lake Sand Dunes, With Glimpse at Bronco Warthog Prototypes

    Love it! Thanks! Well I don’t love the extremely huge mongus fender flares on the blue one.... but I can look past those.
  12. Visibility / rear view mirror measurements + lots of other pics/observations

    Thanks for the pics. I own a 365 so appreciate the pics for scale.
  13. Official 2021 BRONCO SCHEDULING UPDATE + June Production Demand vs Capacity [Commodity / Constraints] Chart

    Thanks for the info. It does look like us 2door BL peeps with MIC are going to have to be very very patient.
  14. Anyone planning to install two way radio (either Ham, CB or other?)

    I have a Yaesu VX-8 and it's all I really know. May be better to to stick with them for similarity?
  15. Anyone planning to install two way radio (either Ham, CB or other?)

    Just read through this thread, I’m considering an Icom 5100, it’s an older unit but seems a pretty good unit. Anyone have opinions on other good mobile units in 2m and 70cm?
  16. 🐴Bronco Survey from 4WPs🐴

    Done ✅
  17. This is my 2021 Ranger in shadow black

    Thanks for the pics OP, very nice truck and what I consider time to time to replace my '13 F150.