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  1. “Your Bronco Has Been Built” Status Thread! 🤩

    Lots of creepers lurking in the shadows here I’m sure...
  2. Bronco vs. Suzuki Jimny

    I’m just going to slide this one in here, just because some of you love/hate Doug so much, lol…
  3. “Your Bronco Has Been Built” Status Thread! 🤩

    Congrats! Looking forward to seeing the next string of posts that say “My Bronco arrived!” And then B6G members will be able to get the answers they need on every inch of the vehicle that we couldn’t find without driving them.
  4. Bronco vs. Suzuki Jimny

    Based off your post, I’ve determined you’re Doug DeMuro...
  5. 🎥 A Happy Father’s Day Video For All Bronco Dads (Tear Jerker)

    More tears here than the “I didn’t get the email this week” threads. Thanks for sharing this!
  6. 1st Demo Bronco showed up today!

    Ya, you’re right. I was just joking with my post… I’d definitely ask if I was the sales person lol, but I know the drivers/transportation company would carry the liability until it’s off the truck.
  7. Ford Protect Purchase Poll

    Warranty for me. The peace of mind is worth it (IMO) especially on a 1st/2nd year model.
  8. EBAY First Edition at $95,000 today 06/18/2021

    Less cup holds… -$25,000
  9. Order numbers (Stats)

    None; paying MSRP. Which is what I anticipated going into this regardless. I’m just saying, if they did just sell on the lot they’d likely mark that up.
  10. Well, I made the big change

    That awkward moment when you think you ordered washout floors… but it’s just regular carpet…
  11. EBAY First Edition at $95,000 today 06/18/2021

    Last time we saw a post like this, B6G trolled the guy so hard via text messages lol
  12. Order numbers (Stats)

    100% agree with you. That would be sneaky and you know they’d likely mark it up significantly too.
  13. Order numbers (Stats)

    Depending on the dealership, some have taken cancelled customer orders and re-issued them to other customers who may have been a bit later to the game. Reason I know this, is I am one of those customers. They simply changed the previous customers order to my build, which I was thankful for. I...
  14. “Plastic” Interior

    Especially the guy in his Wrangler with the roof off…
  15. Well, I made the big change

    Although I don’t plan on sleeping in mine (at least, not regularly), I think there will be an easy, simple solution to level out the floor. Whether it’s an accessory in the cargo area or just a homemade solution, it wouldn’t take much to level out the floor. And many people can sleep in a chair...
  16. “Plastic” Interior

    Lol, aftermarket accessory will be a funnel with a tube leading to the floor. Great idea!
  17. 2022 Tundra

    Boring. Never been a Tacoma fan. Curious what the inside looks like; that’s more where I have an issue.
  18. “Plastic” Interior

    I wouldn’t say it’s a higher grade; it has a higher quality look. Looks can be deceiving though.